A 24-Year-Old YouTuber Opens About Her Relationship With Girlfriend Who Is 37 Years Her Senior

Each relationship is different. Regardless if you’re straight, gay, married, in an open relationship, whether you have kids or not, love each other so much you can’t go a day without them, long distance relationship, or any other, they don’t determine the bond and connection you have with another person.

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but it’s up to you if you are down for it and want to stick to it. Since we are all on a journey together, we oftentimes judge others’ relationship, especially if there’s a huge gap between two people. A 24-year-old girl, Julia Zelg, has recently opened up about her relationship with partner Eileen De Freest, who is 37 years older than her.

relationship age gap

Credit: YouTube/Julia Zelg

Ever since they started dating when they met on Tinder last year, the duo has received a lot of questions about their relationship, and while they understand that people are curious, they just want to set some things straight. First of all, no, they do not find their relationship weird. Speaking to Metro, Julia said:

The major difference between ours and most other relationships is the fact that we must accept the strong likelihood that I will outlive Eileen.

She continued:

We must be prepared for a ‘built-in’ ending to our relationship that wouldn’t necessarily be there for a non-age gap couple. We know and accept that reality.

Keeping that in mind, the couple has already made plans to get married in the upcoming year.

Source: Julia Zelg

Julia added that the age gap does not affect their relationship:

We came together over love and not an obsession with or fetishization of age. The difference in our ages has almost no impact on our relationship.

She explained:

Although we make no judgment about anyone else, we don’t focus on our age difference but rather our exquisite similarities. We have the good fortune to have an extraordinary bond and attraction, the likes of which I’ve never experienced before. Although neither of us is religious, we both feel blessed to have found one another.

Julia says that they are just as ordinary as any other couple:

We’re an ordinary couple in love. We face the same struggles as everyone else. We’re two women in a relationship with a very large age difference, we face struggles unique to our uncommon dynamic.

relationship age gap

Credit: YouTube/Julia Zelg

However, people were opinionated about Julia and Eileen’s relationship, with some offering their full support, while others slamming their relationship.

One person commented on their video:

If you are both of legal age, it’s consensual, and not abusive no one should care.

While another said:

Julia will regret this relationship when in 10 years Eileen is 71 and all kinds of old age health issues start arising, she could get dementia or anything and Julia is left to be her caretaker and do absolutely everything for her until she dies.

And a third one added:

GUYS PLEASE. Would I stay with an older person? No. Does this mean that they’re doing something wrong? Absolutely no! Just because you wouldn’t put yourself in such a relationship doesn’t mean anyone shouldn’t do that. They’re adults, okay?

But no matter what people think of them, the couple is happy together and they know the relationship is right for them. Let’s hope it works out for them.


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