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Which Zodiac Combos Are Destined For Success And Which Are Doomed To Fail?

Which Zodiac Combos Are Destined For Success And Which Are Doomed To Fail?


Ah, the mysteries held in the stars are limitless! They can reveal all the various aspects of your personality, what is awaiting you in your near (or not-so-near) future, and what kind of person is most suitable to be your lifelong partner. Or at least that is what some people believe.


There are many factors that come into play to determine whether a relationship is going to be successful or not. Personality, sexual chemistry, and apparently even height are just a few of them. But you mustn’t forget astrology! Because pairing up with someone whose Zodiac sign is incompatible with yours can spell trouble. If you are into astrology, that is. So, if you are, then you might just be interested which combinations of Zodiac signs are destined to succeed and which are doomed to fail. So read on to find out just how compatible these 24 combos are, courtesy of Viralized.



Succeed: Aries and Sagittarius

Both signs share a similar passion for life. Optimism, adventurousness, and spontaneity are their defining traits. They balance each other perfectly: Aries is a little bit more serious, while Sagittarius is a bit more reckless. Their strengths and weaknesses perfectly complement each other, which means they are a couple destined to succeed.



Doomed: Aries and Pisces

Aries is fire and Pisces is water, so right from the start, you can see they’re complete opposites. Aries is confident, Pisces is egocentric. The overt sensitivity of Pisces makes Aries feel like constantly walking on eggshells. These signs might be attracted to each other because Aries is more of a leader and Pisces more of a recluse, but the differences between them will eventually lead to failure.



Succeed: Taurus and Virgo

Both signs are known for being cautious, grounded, and practical. Both are hard workers and are committed to achieving their goals. Virgos aren’t very trusting, though, so Taurus will need a little patience to make things work. These two are an excellent match and the combination of Taurus’s tenderness and Virgo’s intellect will work out perfectly well.



Doomed: Taurus and Sagittarius

The fact that Taurus move slowly and with caution and Sagittarius is quick and reckless doesn’t bode well. One will not take lightly to being rushed and the other will despise being slowed down. If their relationship is founded on previous friendship, they may yet succeed. However, if this isn’t the case, they are more likely doomed to fail.



Succeed: Gemini and Libra

A successful relationship is always based on trust and respect. And both Gemini and Libra have loads of those. Communication may sometimes be problematic for these two, but their respect for each other is such that they will manage to work things out in the end. Deep conversations are something both enjoy and this will only strengthen the bond between them.



Doomed: Gemini and Scorpio

Gemini loves freedom and Scorpio is quite needy. Already a bad start. Gemini also likes changes, which might provoke some mistrust in Scorpio. Geminis do love banter, but this could cause one too many arguments with Scorpio. The loyalty Scorpio is known for won’t be enough to keep the relationship afloat because these personalities are just too different.



Succeed: Cancer and Pisces

The two are almost perfectly balanced. Pisces will provide the excitement and Cancer the stability. It’s a match made in heaven. Pretty much no-one else can have such a deep emotional connection, which allows them to solve any problem that may come their way.



Doomed: Aries and Cancer

Aries and Cancer are both very emotionally driven, but they handle their emotions in completely different ways. Cancers are more open and outspoken and Aries keep things to themselves. The lack of communication is difficult for Cancer. This, together with the competitiveness and desire to be in control typical for both signs, will cause tension and friction and will eventually lead the relationship to a swift conclusion.



Succeed: Aries and Leo

This is an example of how similar signs make for good companions. Both are creative, inspired, and perfect for boosting each other’s egos. They are also emotional which makes understanding each other pretty easy. There may be some arguments as to who gets to be the dominant one. However, since both are passionate signs this will help them thrive as a couple.



Doomed: Leo and Virgo

These two dream of a fairytale romance, but, unfortunately, it’s not going to work. Leos are attention-seeking, and the shyness of Virgos will make it hard for them to express affection as often as Leos need it. Leos are also very passionate and fiery which might scare the Virgo away. If this relationship is to succeed, strong communication is required, but even then things aren’t looking good for this pairing.



Succeed: Capricorn and Virgo

Both signs are on a quest to find perfection and often they find it in each other. They move slowly, carefully building the relationship on mutual respect and trust. They can understand each other better than most. Capricorn doesn’t enjoy being criticized and Virgo may sometimes push their buttons too hard, leading to conflict. However, these two will find a way to overcome any obstacles in their way.



Doomed: Aquarius and Scorpio

Aquarius loves their freedom, perhaps a little too much for Scorpio’s liking. This can lead to conflicts. Also, Aquarius is likely to criticize Scorpio, hurting their feelings and causing them to retaliate in equal measure. There are chances that things could work out if only they could reach a compromise. But, seeing how stubborn both Aquarius and Scorpio are, that isn’t very probable.



Succeed: Aquarius and Libra

This relationship will work, once again, because it’s based on trust and respect. Once they manage to earn each other’s trust, they will form an unbreakable bond. They suffer from similar insecurities which is why they can easily bolster each other’s spirits. One of their differences is Aquarius’s love for spontaneity and Libra’s love for stability, but they can bridge this gap with their mutual fondness for intellectual conversations.



Doomed: Cancer and Libra

Libra goes with their head and Cancer with their heart. They don’t understand each other. One feels the other is too emotional, the other believes the first isn’t emotional enough. naturally, this leads to tension and small arguments which eventually grow into big conflicts. Some parts of their characters are compatible, but the lack of understanding will doom the relationship from the very start.



Succeed: Cancer and Scorpio

Scorpio is looking for trust and Cancer for someone to spend their whole life with. This makes them perfect for each other. Scorpio and Cancer share an excellent mutual understanding; sometimes they don’t even need words to communicate. They are very open with each other and tell each other everything. The connection between them is so strong that their relationship is almost guaranteed to be a very happy one.



Doomed: Libra and Virgo

Trust is the key to success and mistrust to failure. The moodiness of Virgo can cause Libra to become suspicious. Virgo doesn’t understand Libra’s craving for attention. The fact that Libra is open to communication and Virgo isn’t will lead the relationship to an unhappy ending.

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Succeed: Leo and Sagittarius

Again, we can see that two fire signs work wonderfully well together. Both are very passionate and give each other confidence. Their similarities make it easy for them to understand each other’s motivations and to never misinterpret the actions of the other. They have strong personalities, which creates a connection between them, but also leads to explosive arguments. However, Leo and Sagittarius communicate well together and are able to overcome their differences.



Doomed: Capricorn and Sagittarius

Sagittarius loves their creative freedom and Capricorn has a soft spot for practicality. In some cases it might mean that they complement each other, but not in this one. Sagittarius believes things will work out on their own, but Capricorn thinks hard work is always key. They may succeed as a couple if they can reach a compromise, but this isn’t very likely.



Succeed: Capricorn and Taurus

Capricorn and Taurus are a power couple. They are both very similar in their needs: stability, respect, good communication. Capricorn can find the motivation to succeed in their Taurus partner. Both signs are strong-willed which could lead to the occasional butting of heads, but they can resolve any issues that may come between them since their bond is incredibly strong.



Doomed: Aquarius and Taurus

Both Aquarius and Taurus are very stubborn. Set in their ways, they are both unwilling to compromise and budge on anything. These two are complete opposites: Aquarius wants freedom, exploration and excitement, and Taurus needs peace, security and stability. This pairing has almost no chances of working out.



Succeed: Aquarius and Gemini

Aquarius and Gemini always provide each other a lot of entertainment. Both love freedom and they allow their partners to have it as well. They are trusting and value intelligence, they challenge and stimulate each other to achieve greatness. Some problems might arise due to Gemini’s unstable emotions or Aquarius’s tendency to break free on their own, but they are perfectly able to reach a compromise.



Doomed: Capricorn and Leo

The fact that Capricorn likes to take their time getting into a relationship and that Leo is running with a faster pace makes this pairing difficult to work. Capricorn wants their partner to be emotionally calm and that definitely isn’t in Leo’s nature. On the other hand, Leo wants a direct partner, and that isn’t like Capricorn. These two signs just don’t have enough in common to have a successful relationship.



Succeed: Pisces and Scorpio

This is the very definition of blissful relationship. They understand each other’s emotions perfectly and are accepting even of each other’s worst aspects. Some friction may be caused by Scorpio’s jealousy and Pisces’s desire for freedom. However, the connection they share is stronger than the disagreements.



Doomed: Gemini and Pisces

These signs are polar opposites: Pisces is emotional, Gemini is rational. Their ways of thinking are completely different. Pisces is very forgiving by nature, by Gemini will definitely push their boundaries to the limit. The differences between these two make it impossible to maintain anything but a short-term relationship.


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