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Relax Your Mind And Body With The Magic Of These 16 Oddly Satisfying Pics

Relax Your Mind And Body With The Magic Of These 16 Oddly Satisfying Pics

oddly satisfying

Oddly satisfying things are really becoming a household idea now. We’ve noted the phenomenon before, like this time, that time, and that one time, but it doesn’t seem like a phenomenon anymore. Nor a trend. We’re talking about… Gosh… Something normal here. (Blank stare of amazement.)

Anyways, if people love it so much, there must be something to it. It’s almost evening now, so, it’s time to relax. Sit back, get comfy, and enjoy the magic of oddly satisfying things. (Thanks, Diply!)

1. Smooth. Comfy. Coolness.



2. Sometimes, you smile at life, and life smiles back.


Reddit | um_yeah_no

3. This perfect urinal with its perfect “4U2PN2” serial code. Ahhh. Feels SO good!


Reddit | scavenger11

4. It’s just one picture. Meditate on it.



5. The nerves you need to have to achieve this. Damn.


Twitter | @OddlySatisfied

6. Are those pancakes or burger buns?


Twitter | @OddlySatisfied

7. Probably no one bought these because they rock the perfect camouflage.


Reddit | T-Wrox

8. Never judge a book by its cover – become it.


Reddit | GallowBoob

9. Sauron, is that you? How low the mighty have fallen, hehehe!


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Imgur | lorddragonstar

10. HIS POWER IS OVER 9000!!!!


Reddit | EverybodyPanick

11. This cat is a fan of Bruce Lee’s famous saying: “Be like water, my friend!”


Twitter | @landpsychology

12. My eyes, they are confused! And oddly satisfied!


Reddit | DylanArthurWrites

13. This scoop of peanut butter is almost too smooth to be real. Like, how the hell you managed this? NO, don’t eat it, you’ll ruin it!


Reddit | Geeky_

14. A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, which was actually this galaxy, the Jedi and the Sith duked it out on Earth. And cut this rock in half, you see.


Reddit | Dnaube
Source: Diply

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