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How To Remove Gel Nail Polish Without Acetone

How To Remove Gel Nail Polish Without Acetone

I am someone who pays very close attention to my nails. And to tell you the truth, I pay attention to other people’s nails, too. Sue me.

I mean, nails tell us a lot about our health, so I try to pay attention to them as much as my leisure time allows.

In the beginning, I would go to a beauty salon and get my nails done professionally. It was nice, but also costly.

That is why now I do my own nails at least every three weeks. How do I manage to keep my nail polish look good during those whole three weeks? Well, gel nail polish, of course. Gel nail polish manicures have become quite popular in the past decade. And you can guess why.

Regular nail polish looks fantastic for whole few minutes until you mess it up because your bladder decided to act up and now you have to pee, although you did pee right before you decided to sit down and paint your nails.

Unlike regular nail polish, gel nail polish dries quickly, doesn’t chip off, AND your nails won’t break as easily. So, thank you, gel nail polish.

But, ever noticed how difficult it is to remove it without harming your natural nails? As someone who doesn’t prefer to use acetone, I struggled a lot with finding ways to remove the gel and still keep my natural nails healthy. So, when I stumbled upon a few at-home tricks I could make use of, you can imagine how happy I was.

Being the selfless person that I am, I decided to share these little tricks with you, fellow readers. Sharing is caring, right?


Before we begin, please understand that removing your gel nail polish without acetone is a procedure that requires patience and meticulous work. If you don’t work carefully, you can easily end up damaging your natural nail, and we don’t want that.

 1. File off the gel

This one sounds pretty simple, right? Well, that is because it is. When your gel-painted nails begin to grow, the edges start peeling off and if you’re anything like me, your OCD will kick in real quick.

So, whether you opt for acetone-free methods, or you are out of acetone and in dire need to remove your gel nail polish, for whatever reason, then you can go ahead and get your favorite nail file from the drawer.

With the help of the file, file down the gel to the surface of your natural nail. Make sure to be very gentle and move in crosshatches to ensure an even, smooth look.

remove gel nail polish without acetone

The process is quite slow and might take you some time, but please do not rush. Filing too quickly might cause you to accidentally file off your natural nail that is underneath the gel nail polish.

After you are done with filing off the gel, moisturize your hands with your go-to hand cream and condition your nails with your favorite cuticle oil.

2. Peel off the gel

The ugliest phase of gel nails is when they begin to peel off. But, this is also a very appropriate time to peel it off completely. This acetone-free method works best with a cuticle stick. Gently place the stick underneath the gel in the parts where it has already begun peeling off. After that, use your fingers or a tweezer to help peel it off completely. Try to get rid of as much gel as possible and then buffer off the remaining parts of it.

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remove gel nail polish without acetone

When it is peeled off, buffer your nails’ surface so it becomes smooth. After it is all done, proceed with moisturizing your hands and nails. And voila! The gel is gone.

3. Soak off the gel

If you deem the first and the second method as a little too harsh on your nails, then worry not. I have another little secret for you.

Fill a small bowl with warm water and add a few drops of dish soap and a teaspoon of salt. And then simply soak your nails into the mixture for about 20 minutes. Make sure the water is quite warm because otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve the desired effect.

remove gel nail polish without acetone

If you have residues, then use a wooden orange stick and remove them. Try not to expose your nails to strong substances in the first few days, and of course, condition your hands and nails so they stay hydrated.

Why not use acetone?

I know that removing gel nail polish without acetone is a more difficult process. However, I will value the health of my nails more than the time-consuming procedure. Nail polish removers are strong and definitely effective. I won’t deny that. It is fantastic for an easy and quick fix. But in the meantime, acetone and other nail polish removers can cause your hands and nails to dry. It strips off the natural oils from the nail and makes them appear yellow. So, considering these little issues, I believe it can come in handy to know how to remove gel nail polish without the use of acetone or other nail polish removers.

But if you’re a more acetone person, then by all means, go ahead. Make sure to moisturize your hands and nails generously after you are finished. Your nails say a lot about your overall health, therefore be attentive.

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