4 Ways To Repurpose Your Scarves Into Summer Garments

Summer is on the way. In fact, summer is almost here. I have got a bunch of clothes in my wardrobe I’ve been dying to wear for such a long time. All the shorts and dresses and tops… just thinking about it makes me excited (I’m totally ignoring the fact that there is an unbearable heat but, hey, the beach and the swimming pools to the rescue). Also, with the warm weather being here, customizing our own clothes is easier than ever and we all need a few DIY hacks for emergency cases. My DIY game is especially strong during summer (mostly because everything is easy to make), but also because there are plenty, and plenty, and plenty, step by step tutorials all over the internet which I happen to follow strictly and carefully. Thank you internet xoxo.

@brisagasilva has a bunch of tricks to teach us, YAY! With 186k followers on her Instagram profile, this young woman got some skills to show. What we have chosen to share is some simple DIY hacks on how to make comfortable summer wear that will definitely make you stand out (because no one will be wearing the same garment as you). Scroll down and LET’S SEE! 

She makes a crop-top out of a scarf by simply tying it around her chest,

And then securing it in the back.

More details on her tutorial below:

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And here we have the cross body satchel bag she made out of a scarf.

It looks pretty cool and comfortable. I’d take it to the pool tbh.


This one is a bit more complicated, so check out the tutorial to see how she managed to do it:

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She creates here a summer dress from a bigger and wider scarf.

This is it:


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And my personal favorite – this top:

It goes all the way around the neck.

And all this from a scarf.

I will watch this tutorial over and over again until I perfect this DIY, heh.

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Source: Brisagasilva

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