Rick And Morty’s Co-Author Answers How To Deal With Depression And It’s Pure Wisdom

By now, the only positive thing about depression is that we learned that it’s not something to be taken for granted and not everyone can tackle it alone. When Twitter user @chojuroh asked Dan Harmon who is the co-showrunner of Rick and Morty for help, the last thing she had in mind is that he would respond to her. But, life is great and amazing stuff can happen. Dan responded to her and his words were very powerful.

In fact, not only people who struggle with depression but everyone should read them.


“I asked Dan Harmon because I wanted advice from someone who suffers, but is not a professional,” chojuroh wrote. “This is the most basic, general advice I’ve been given so far, and it’s great. I participate in 4 separate therapies, and treating depression is the least of my worries. I know what works for me, but I knew it would help others for someone in the public eye to say something. Letting out your pain can do a lot of good in the long run, even if you don’t feel better right away.”

Daniel Harmon is an American writer, producer, voice actor and besides all, very cool.


He’s the creator of popular show Rick and Morty.


When a Twitter fan asked him a personal question he had something to say.


This is what he had to say:


Wow, right?


This is so wise.



This left us all star struck.


Many others responded and responded well:




Start a journal today. Write Dan Harmon’s words on the first page. And pour your feelings in there.

It will get so much better.

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