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12+ Cats That Are Being Just Downright Ridiculous

12+ Cats That Are Being Just Downright Ridiculous

The world is divided into two kinds of people: dog people and cat people. While there are people who are in neither category or love both animals equally there is actual research to back up the claim that people who have a preference for cats differ than those who prefer dogs.

For one, a 2010 study at the University of Texas found that cat people were more susceptible to anxiety, worry, fear, or depression, but were also more philosophical, creative and non-traditional than dog people, who were found to be more social and outgoing. Another study in 2014 at Carroll University, Wisconsin found that cat lovers were more introverted, open-minded and sensitive, as opposed to the outgoing, energetic, and rule-abiding dog people, but they also scored higher in intelligence tests.

What I’m saying is, our preference for one pet over the other might actually indicate our own nature. Since dogs are more social creatures their owners tend to be so as well, and since cats are moodier the people they own are similar too. But while cats are known for being these majestic, regal creatures who look down on us, sometimes they can be downright ridiculous…

Such as the cats in the pictures below, for example:

1. Just taking a little nap…

Source: © getoutoftherecat / tumblr

2. Nothing to see here, just another cat taking a quick, normal nap…

Source: © 00zim00 / reddit

3. “This is mine, and this is mine. They’re all mine, okay?”

Source: © aktfps / twitter

4. Somehow I feel like I should report this to the principal’s office…

Source: © Hurricane96 / reddit


5. Because drinking water normally is so boring!

Source: © InsertFeelsHere / reddit


6. I don’t think this cat likes that wall very much…

Source: © unknown / blogspot


7. “Don’t make a sound if you want to live…”

Source: © StarChaser87 / reddit

8. “Hmm, yes, I think I shall remain where I am…”

Source: © kraken888 / reddit


9. This is truly next-level acrobatics!

Source: © aannnnaabanana / reddit


10. “Stop! Pay attention to me now!”

Source: © xblade724 / reddit


11. “I’m fine… Nothing to see here. Carry on.”

Source: © PLUSsignenergy / reddit

12. “What are you looking at? As if you could ever pull this off…”

Source: © insight_owner / reddit


13. “Ahh… finally! Some me-time.”

Source: © Ralph_the_Cat / reddit


14. “These Ikea pets are so hard to assemble.”

Source: © –Wabi-Sabi– / reddit


15. Somehow, I already feel safer.

Source: © edamamemonster / reddit


See Also

16. “What are you doing here? Get out! Haven’t you ever heard of knocking?”

Source: © catasters / tumblr


17. “I take a nap right here!”

ridiculous cats pictures
Source: © unknown / imgur


18. This load of laundry looks… a little weird.

ridiculous cats pictures
Source: © sawakosawa3 / twitter


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