33 Absolutely Ridiculous And Horrifying Pieces of Fan Art

How best to channel the admiration you feel for your idol? This is the question that plagues millions of people around the world who are devoted fans of someone. Or something, I guess… There are many different approaches when expressing your love for a celebrity. For example, some people go for intimately getting to know all of their work: watching all of their movies or listening to all of their songs. Others go one step further and read up online about their beloved celeb, devouring articles, rumours, facts, anything, really, that even mentions their name. Others go still one step further: they go back in history and dig up all the old interviews they can find in a bid to discover every little detail about the life and times of so-and-so.

But there are also the more creative people. The ones who channel their passion into art. Some go for writing fanfiction. You know, short (or not so short) stories, usually smutty, about characters their favourite actor has portrayed in a show, or even about real people. Others aren’t quite so skilled with words, so they take up drawing or painting, trying to capture their heroes on paper.

That’s all well and good, and while their heart is in the right place (I think?), some people just aren’t… talented when it comes to drawing. In fact, they’re the exact opposite of talent. Some of the fan art they come up with is truly God-awful – it doesn’t even remotely resemble the celeb they were going for! Is there such a thing as “it’s so bad, it’s actually good”? Dunno, but let’s find out in this list, compiled by Ranker, of 33 astonishingly inaccurate “portraits” of celebrities.

And Demi Lovato was complaining about that mermaid fan art… smh

1. Have you ever wondered what Rihanna would look like if she was a giraffe? Wonder no more.


2. Jennifer Aniston. If she was a serial killer. With really bad teeth.


3. David Schwimmer, when he was that kid in school who always stole your lunch money


4. Zach Braff sees what you did there. And over there as well.


5. Dwayne “The Rock”  Johnson and the ridiculous amount of unnecessary attention to unflattering details


6. This drawing of Christopher Walken needs more cowbell


7. This would only be acceptable if it was meant as a caricature of Daniel Radcliffe. Which it wasn’t.


8. Hey, he got Harrison Ford’s mouth spot on! The rest of him, not so much.


9. Justin Bieber, when he was a cartoon character


10. Draw Kanye West with the fewest lines possible. Say no more.


11. Robert Pattinson, the fabulous mane, and the creepy smile and stare combo worthy of an axe-wielding psychopath


12. The art so far was atrocious, but at least you could recognize who it was supposed to be. But this one? You’d never even think of Lucille Ball.


13. Wow, that photoshop looks less like the drawing than the drawing looks like Daniel Craig.


14. What can you expect from a “fan” who can’t even spell the word ‘beautiful’? Or even their idol’s name?


15. Bruce Lee, why the long face?


16. Tom Cruise? Or Jesus? I swear, the way his name is written looks almost like a halo.


17. Cher, when she worked as a fortune teller in the travelling circus.


18. Why would you draw Sarah Jessica Parker bald? Well, because bald is “beatful”, of course!


19. I actually thought that was Jason Statham. But, nope, it’s Bruce Willis.


20. Lisa Kudrow – she may be smiling, but her eyes are asking: “What have you done to meee?”


21. The artist didn’t have to write ‘Madonna’ above the drawing! Anyone would’ve recognized her!


22. Brad Pitt, the Italian immigrant recently arrived in America


23. I don’t know what that looks like, but it definitely doesn’t look like Kanye, and his eyes are scaring me, make it stop!


24. Zayn Malik may not look like himself, but that puppy is spot on!


25. Why does Harry Styles look like a weird combination of Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter and Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock?


26. When you wanted Christian Bale, but you got Rob Lowe instead.


27. “Are you kidding me? I’m supposed to be Morgan Freeman?” the drawing said. Well, its eyes did.


28. The conspiracy theory being that Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker are actually the same person.


29. Hey, remember that time when Justin Timberlake looked like a girl and was dressed in a sexy French maid costume? Neither do I.


30. Johnny Depp? Russell Brand? George Harrison? Dunno, you decide.


31. What a charming smile Princess Grace of Monaco has!


32. And the award for the drawing that least resembles its celebrity goes to… *drumroll* Beyoncé!


33. Skrillex: this one is actually spot on.


Source: ranker

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