Rihanna’s Latest Instagram Features Footwear Worth $1000

You know how sometimes celebrities seem to want to show us that just because they’re famous, it doesn’t mean that they’re different from us? They want to appear down-to-earth, relatable, and, well, normal, so they will post a selfie with no makeup on, or a photo of them doing some boring, everyday sort of thing, or wear clothes from a brand easily affordable even for the common folk.

Well, there is one celeb who apparently doesn’t really care about things like that. Rihanna looked nothing short of an A-lister in an Instagram post on Wednesday, December 6. In the photo, the 29-year-old singer poses wearing a piece of clothing worth over a thousand dollars. Care to guess which one?


Nope, it’s not the jacket. It’s not the dress either. It’s the socks… Of course Rihanna would wear socks that are worth a small fortune, why wouldn’t she? Every part of her body deserves to feel glamorous at all times, even her feet! And nothing says glam more than a pair of $1,340 Gucci socks.

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In the photo, the beauty from Barbados is wearing a black satin slip dress and an oversized ski jacket, combined with cool mirrored shades and killer white heels. And the socks. Or, as any fashionista would say, ‘the mid-calf stockings,’ because it’s not enough for it to look fancy, it must sound fancy as well.

So, what’s the deal with these socks?

Erm, well, first of all, they’re Gucci. Second, they are embellished with crystal beads that form a monogram of two interlocked ‘G’s which is the logo of the Florence-based company. And third, they’re straight out of the Gucci Resort 2018 show. Feels like there’s a bit of a theme developing here…

But, seriously? That’s it? For that price, I would’ve expected them to at least have some super special features, like never getting filthy, or adjustable warmth levels, or how about granting the wearer some awesome superpowers?


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Look at them! I mean, sure they look kinda nice, but do they really look like a thousand bucks? Rihanna’s Instagram followers seem unable to reach a consensus on this issue. While a great portion of her adoring fans were quick to tell her how amazing she looked (as always, might we add), another part of the fandom wasn’t… very enthusiastic about this look. Indeed, a great number of them consider the combination of soc- stockings! Stockings, sorry! They consider the combination of stockings and high heels to be, well, not what you might call easy on the eyes. Some even went as far as drawing a comparison to wearing socks and sandals! And we all know that there is only one thing worse than the socks-and-sandals combo. Crocs… *shudders*

So, what do you think? How do you like them blingy socks? And also, what happens when you wash them and one of them gets eaten by the washing machine? Oh dear, that would be $670 right down the drain…

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