Rihanna Flashes A Massive Diamond Ring Sparking Engagement Rumors

Can you see that bling bling? Of course you can’t, you’ve been blinded by it! Or maybe it’s just a bunch of rumors circling around Rihanna that will ultimately amount to nothing.

But as Celebuzz reports, the twenty-nine-year-old pop singer was seen rocking something shiny on her wedding finger, and it has pushed people’s minds into overdrive.

She DOES look happier lately, doesn’t she?


It is especially pertinent if you take the context into consideration – RiRi has been allegedly seeing her latest boyfriend, Saudi heir Hassan Jameel secretly for several months now. Needless to say, this has provided grounds for the “wedding ring” speculations.

And a wedding gown would look very good on Rihanna!


The source of all the speculation was spotted at an event in Madison Square Garden in New York City this week when Rihanna flashed a huge blingy ring in front of everyone. She was surely enjoying herself doing it, though – it looked really well combined with her Céline tee and jeans, covered by an oversized, colorful Dolce & Gabbana jacket.

See for yourselves:

The Ring

The Barbadian star was attending a stand-up comedy show by the great Chris Rock, who just couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He just had to post a photo on Instagram and caption it with: “New couple alert.”

So far, Rihanna has been pulling off a poker face


We can easily see why Hassan may be dating RiRi…


So far, the beauty has been silent about the story. Fingers crossed, Rihanna!


Do you know what the pop star and Hassan Jameel did on Halloween? They went bowling!

From: celebuzz

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