Rihanna Teases The Much Anticipated New Album

Everybody is pretty much anxiously waiting for Rihanna’s new music. Fans have been tweeting, commenting, sharing their need for the singer’s music. After all, it has been almost 3 years since her last album Anti was released and people are demanding more. Just because Rihanna hasn’t been releasing new music it doesn’t mean she left us without giving her fans anything. She released her makeup line and has been constantly blessing us with bomb ass beauty products and a lingerie line.

She has been keeping herself busy. Her fans want more though and they want it this year.

Image via Getty/Caroline McCredie/Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

However, after years we are finally getting a glimpse of her next album,  Rihanna’s eighth album. And we cannot be happier. She recently posted a video of herself in the studio working on her album and it looks like the new music is coming faster than we had all assumed. Juggling between her makeup line, her lingerie line and now music I am thinking she has a lot on her plate. Her new album supposedly has Supa Dups and Skrillex in it.

Rihanna confirmed that her album will be released in 2019 when she responded back to a fan on a Fenty-related post and then afterward iHeartRadio tweeted about it:

Rihanna also has a movie to be released this year, titled Guava Island. The movie by “This Is America” and Atlanta director Hiro Murai starring Donald Glover and Rihanna. Not much is known about the movie, the few details were taken by a PHAROS attendee. We also don’t know whether it is a Donald Glover project.

However, here’s in hopes we don’t have to wait long for her music, we have all been suffering here without it. No pressure though Riri, take your time.

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Source: Complex