Rihanna’s Stylist Feels ‘Blessed’ To Work For The Singer

You didn’t think one of the biggest pop stars of our time has created her unique style all by herself, did you? Just recently, the singer’s stylist Jaheel Weaver has spoken about working with Rihanna, revealing he considers himself fortunate to be part of one of the few brands that see black people as a priority. Jaheel, who works as a junior creative director at Rihanna’s beauty brand Fenty, feels “blessed” to work for the 29-year-old diva.

The Barbadian launched the Fenty makeup line “so that women everywhere would be included,” and focused on a great variety of hard-to-match skin tones.

Her stylist now explains what it’s like working for the singer, telling Women’s Wear Daily: “I’m blessed to be able to say that and to go to work every day and see black people.”

Weaver also revealed that Rihanna’s Puma collection was inspired by her life experiences


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Speaking to Women’s Wear Daily, Weaver shared: “She always says the first woman she saw put on make-up was a black woman – her mother.”


Here is why Rihanna is different and innovative:

“It was natural for her to obviously appeal to that, but also to appeal to all women,” the NYC-based stylist says. “Is she the first person ever to offer dark skin foundations? No. But is she the first person to maybe market to them in a very long time?”

Rihanna is seen attending the TDE Annual Christmas Concert in Watts, CA

He went on:

“I feel like there are some companies now that are seeing there’s a demand for this and saying, ‘Oh, well we’ve had this forever.’ But it’s like, did you not market to them because you thought you wouldn’t make money?”


“But I’m happy that she started this conversation, to say to the beauty and fashion industries, ‘Hey. These are people and we have a lot of money to spend and if you show up for them, they’ll show up for you’,” Jaheel Weaver concluded.


Did you know many fans believed Rihanna’s Grammys performance to be a pregnancy revelation?


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