Rita Ora Set The Bar Too High Dressing Up Like Post Malone For Halloween Party

Unless you are living under a rock or for some reason you haven’t been on the internet, let us inform you that Rita Ora totally won the Halloween game prior to 31st of October. The “Let You Love Me” singer has for sure set the bar too high for anyone this Halloween. The struggle was real before this, but now, sorry to spill it for you dears but Rita Ora has doubled the struggle.

Rita Ora Post Malone

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When attending the KISS Halloween House Party the 27-year-old looked precisely like the rapper Post Malone, and, truth be told, Rita Ora looks more like Post Malone than Post Malone himself.

Now, see it for yourself and be the witness of it:


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She sported a Post Malone-style full beard. Yes, she also created the facial tattoos Post has all over his face, probably not real but it for sure added so much to the look. The 27-year-old singer wore a curly wig to give the look the right texture it needed. As for the clothes, she smashed a sleeveless denim jacket with P and M on it, a checked shirt, ripped jeans and some black and white Vans; she was accessorized with a bunch of rings, bracelets, and chains, as well as a cigarette and a Bud Light.

The “Hot Right Now” Singer tweeted a photo of herself tagging the rapper in it. She wrote:

ma get Halloween started for you the right way… postttyyyyyy I LOVE YOU BRO @PostMalone …ratatatatataatawassssssgooood!! And this is also a BIG thank you to getting me to 14 million on instagram!

Post Malone is probably so happy to be someone’s Halloween costume and, Rita Ora just gave ideas to people on what to opt for this Halloween.

All that you have to do to perfect this look is, a bit of scribble on your face, lash on a fake beard and, Ta-dah! Oh, and make sure not to leave aside the inkings on the face, which include a sword, some barbed wire, and the words Always Tired.

When asked by Tim Westwood why he had chosen those two words specifically, he replied:

I tried to do something that’s relatively the same length of letters. I guess ‘always’ is more letters than ‘tired,’ but I was tired, so I didn’t realise.


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Something about being deep? Sure!

Do you know what’s even funnier? The reason why Post Malone went for this bold move to tattoo his face was to do “Anything to piss his mom off.”

Before adding: “It’s not right. I got a face for radio anyways, so why not?”


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Well, sure, whatever floats your boat, Malone.

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