The Young Cast Of ‘Riverdale’ Are Playing Their Parents On This ’90s Flashbacks Episode

Riverdale is the new show we are all obsessed with. The only thing we don’t like is that it is not finished yet and we can’t simply binge-watch it until we have seen each and every episode. Hiatuses of a TV show are somewhat annoying and downright unnecessary, right? Right. Well, as you may have heard, Riverdale was renewed for one more season. The show is back with even more drama as if that’s even possible. It premiered on The CW on October 10 and hit Netflix for its British fans on October 11.

If you haven’t watched season three, episode four, then it is time for you to look away since this post will be full of spoilers of, “The Midnight Club.” And it was an episode that left us all in awe. See, it all started when Alice sat down with Betty to share a story of their parents’ junior year in high school. But, to depict these young versions of their parents, the already young cast of Riverdale had to transform themselves into even younger versions of the adults. And the results? Brilliant!

Here’s how the teens stacked up to young versions of the adult actors.

1. Lily Reinhart was super convincing as a young Mädchen Amick. She usually plays Betty, but not this time.


2. KJ Apa did a perfect impersonation of young Luke Perry.


3. Michael Consuelos made his TV debut as a young version of his real father Mark Consuelos.


4. Camila Mendes transformed into a young Marisol Nichols.


5. Cole Sprouse perfectly depicted young Skeet Ulrich.


6. Madelaine Petsch played a young version of Nathalie Boltt.


7. Ashleigh Murray became a young Robin Givens.


8. Casey Cott was a young Martin Cummins.

riverdale cast playing their parents


If you haven’t watched the new episode yet, what are you waiting for? It’s bad enough that The CW grants us only one episode per week! Us binge-watchers are starving.


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Source: Thisisinsider