This Fan Theory Says Riverdale Is Happening Inside Jughead’s Head

Well, fans of Riverdale have a theory. And regardless if it’s true or not, the show itself offers a lot of support for their explanation. Like many episodes having that weird introductory preamble by Jughead Jones – who is, in fact, an aspiring novelist.


Remember when Jason Blossom went missing in Season 1? Well, soon after, Riverdale got its own writer in Jughead, who decided to find a way and tell the town’s story. And it’s often that his brooding narrator thoughts kind of end up (re?)telling the events of the TV show itself.

It’s one of those postmodern gimmicks of introducing an unreliable narrator which would make viewers wonder as to what is actually going on. But is it just a gimmick, or something more? Ironically, that’s what the gimmick is actually designed to do. (Sigh.)

Anyways, there’s a new theory by the fans and it’s gained considerable popularity. According to it, everything happening in the TV show is actually all part of the fictional novel written by Jughead. Now, is it called Riverdale? Who knows.

But there’s a lot of hints that actually give credence to this idea. First, Riverdale is told from the point of view of Jug himself, which is pretty odd when you think about it. Why him? Why not someone else? Next, the show often features voiceovers by Jughead, in which he shares detailed information about events he couldn’t have been around to witness.

Then again, he might just be inventing things and just acting like they’re true. It’s what writers do, actually.


Yet other fans push the envelope even further. They think most of the characters in Riverdale aren’t even real, with the only real characters being Jughead and Betty.


Because Jughead is very much in love with Betty, and has literally created a whole story around her.

And of course, a story needs drama, which is why so many of the characters actually feel like caricatures of themselves.


Also, Jughead is an expert at silently judging everyone, so he can get himself riled up to actually write.


Source: Twitter | @vmochama

His narration is also in the past tense… Which is weird, right? His point of view is clearly that of someone who has already experienced all this. Or, is retelling a story.

Another detail is that it’s often very difficult to tell which year it is in Riverdale.


Source: Riverdale Wiki

But wait, there’s more! The episodes are not actually called “episodes”, but “chapters.” Now, you know which type of art has chapters?

That’s right – BOOKS.

And you know what? The show will probably end like this:


Source: Color Web Magazine | Reddit | hype-iwnl
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