Robert Downey Jr. And Chris Evans Are Comparing Their Friendship To Iconic Disney Duos

Chris Evans broke his fans’ heart when he said his last goodbye to the Avengers and the Marvel universe after wrapping his final movies as the Captain America in Avengers 4, around five months ago.

The farewell note was drenched in the tears of his fans and even his colleagues in Hollywood. And back in time, Robert Downey took to Twitter to share a personalized message for Chris. No doubt the duo share a great camaraderie or to put it better a bromance which is loved by their fans across the globe.

Recently, Captain America and Iron Man cracked some back and forth jokes on Twitter and fans can’t get over it.  This time, Robert Downey Jr. sent the Marvel co-star a pair of photos comparing the two to classic characters of Disney. So many characters from Disney were in play, not only superheroes.

Avengersmovies compiled the list of these hilarious memes. Scroll down to see them:

1. It was first Robert Downey who started sending tweets to Chris Evans comparing them to characters from one of the most famous Disney movies – Snow White.

Photo Credit: RobertDowneyJr


3. The other comparison featured Disney’s deer couple: Bambi and Faline. Downey wrote: ‘All the way down to the eye color”

Photo Credit: RobertDowneyJr


4. Of course, Captain of America replied back, with another tweet:

Photo Credit: ChrisEvans


5. And this, dear readers, is how everybody started posting them…

Photo Credit: cxptainflint


6. The list goes on and it’s a long one…

Photo Credit: capsheroes


7. Another comparison of Beauty and The Beast

Photo Credit: rdj_Starkster


8. Here’s another one of Hercules and Megara

Photo Credit: marvelxtina


9. Something about ‘The Sleeping Beauty’?

Photo Credit: buckybarnes


9. Woody and Buzz from Toy Story is pretty much an accurate representation of the duo’s friendship.

Photo Credit: marvelxtina


9. Epic one!

Robert Downey and Chris Evans Disney
Photo Credit: nussari


11. This is great as well!


Robert Downey and Chris Evans Disney
Photo Credit: sexcusemesebby

Any favorite? Let us know in the comments’ section below.


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