14 Bizarre Mishaps And Oddities To Befall Royal Weddings

Weddings, in general, are dramatic to the core, but when talking about Royal weddings, the drama is multiplied by 10. Not every Royal wedding is the stuff of fairytales. So, there has to be at least one thing which won’t go according to plan. Be it one of the guests gets very drunk or the ring is too small, or a horse freaks out.

Mishaps can be inevitable, so the most important thing is to enjoy your big day regardless of what happens.

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From drunken kings to wrinkled gowns, even royal weddings have their share of flubs. Here are 15 mistakes and accidents the Royal weddings have encountered in the past:


1. Princess Diana spilled a bottle of perfume on her dress. At least, she smelled good.

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2. Prince Charles messed up his vows during the wedding ceremony. Instead of promising to give Diana his ‘worldly goods’ he said ‘thy goods’ which doesn’t really make any sense.

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3. Diana called Charles by the wrong name during their nuptials. Instead of calling him by his real name, Charles Philip Arthur George, she called him Philip Charles. Close enough!

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4. Diana’s dress fabric was wrinkled. Fashion experts agree that the fabric of the dress was not the best choice to make for a wedding dress.

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5. During Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding, a freaked out horse took the spotlight for a moment.

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6. Kate Middleton’s wedding ring was too small for her. Prince William went through quite a struggle during this part. Apparently, the ring was not tested on the Duchess of Cambridge before the wedding day.

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7. And the award for the most embarrassing mishap goes to Princess Augusta of Saxon-Gotha in 1736. She vomited on her new mother-in-law. I wonder what was the last thing she ate or drank…

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8. Marie Antoinette had a problem with her dress. No, it was not wrinkled. Worse! It didn’t fit her.

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9. King Louis XVI was not part of his own wedding. Uhm, maybe he was not invited.

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10. King George IV made sure to be the most intoxicated person on his wedding day. Cheers King George IV!

Royal wedding mishaps

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11. Princess Caroline’s dress was so heavy and elaborate with pearl and laces, which made it impossible for her to stand up straight.

Royal wedding mishaps

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12. The Queen Elizabeth II’s tiara broke, and it was her hairdresser who broke it. Fortunately, they repaired it soon. Nobody died!

Royal wedding mishaps

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13. Being drunk at someone’s wedding, is nothing compared to actually dying during it. This is what happened to King Harthacnut. He died at his friend’s wedding.

Royal wedding mishaps

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14. Prince Charles and Camilla fessed up to their shameful deeds and sins in front of all the wedding guests.

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