These Rude Teacups Will Match Your Passive Aggressive Attitude

Remember playing ‘Truth or Dare’ as a kid? Or a teenager? Or an… Well, adult? No? Okay. Well, these teacups will combine both truth and dare into one thing – an uncomfortable truth combined with a dare to punch someone. We can all agree that’s a pretty adult turn of events, right?

Right. I mean, why have a calm, pleasant tea party, when you can start a fight club? Melissa Johnson and Martha Stewart, the two geniuses behind Miss Havisham’s Curiosities had the right idea. Then they sat down and produced some of the fiercest teacups you’ve ever seen (thanks, Ranker).

Tongue-in-cheek or not, Miss Havisham teacups will stir a riot in your living room. From low blows to your self-esteem strategically placed right under your fancy belt, to veiled threats of violence, poisoning and triggering your worst insecurities, these teacups are a true embodiment of the phrase “storm in a teacup.”

Now now, darling, sit down. Let’s have a sip, shall we?

1. And hush.

2. Because it’s as ugly as you!

3. Barely.

I suppose. #misshavishamscuriosities #insultteacups #insultcups #youlldo

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4. Well, truth be told, no one likes anyone!

5. Like your love

6. Truth!

Sold the fuck out. More coming, fear not. Stay nasty, ladies. #womensmarch #misshavishamscuriosities #edwardianball

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7. This will make you feel personally attacked

We made this custom cup for #waywardaf #supernatural #misshavishamscuriosities

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8. Te(a)dious

9. I dare ya, wifey! *slaps knee*

10. Truth again…

11. Thank you.

12. Buuuuuurrrnnn heeeerrrr

13. It’s what witches do!

14. So rude.

Happy Friday! #krampus #misshavishamscuriosities #holidaysarecoming

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15. Careful what you drink.

16. Starting your day

17. Careful what you wish for.

18. Truth bomb

19. In case you decide to break up.

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