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From Mistaking Robert De Niro For A Waiter To Marrying In A Sumptuous £1.2 Million Ceremony

From Mistaking Robert De Niro For A Waiter To Marrying In A Sumptuous £1.2 Million Ceremony

First, she mistook Robert De Niro for a waiter and asked him to bring her water, then she married in a £1.2 million ceremony. We are talking about the 18-year-old Russian heiress, Irina Chigirinskaya. She tied the knot in a spectacular ceremony with Moris Mirelli, 23, in front of 1.500 guests. Their wedding took place in Moscow, at a golf club headed by oligarch Aras Agalarov, a friend of the U.S. President, Donald Trump.

The one to sing and perform at their wedding was Agalarov’s son Emin, a famous Russian singer.

Russian heiress wedding

Chigirinskaya is the daughter of billionaire construction tycoon Alexander Chigirinsky, 55, a friend of Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovich.

Russian heiress wedding

Can you guess the price tag of Chigirinskaya’s bridal dress? Well, well no less than $315,000. For more, it was designed by Lebanese fashion designer, Zuhair Murad.

Russian heiress wedding dress

What about the food? Eh, more than $667,000.

See the video below as the newlyweds dance on their wedding day. A fairytale-like wedding, indeed!

“Guests were treated to salmon carpaccio, all kinds of fish, Uzbek pilaf, shish kebab, Iranian apricots, fresh berries, and cake,’ according to one account.”

“Bottles of chilled French champagne did not have time to end, as new ones appeared on the table.”

Russian heiress wedding

Not to forget, Moris Mirelli is the son of a former deputy governor in Russia’s northern Arkhangelsk region.

Russian heiress wedding cake

The one thing to take the attention was the sumptuous multi-tiered wedding cake, which was among the dishes on offer during the wedding.

Russian heiress wedding dress

Isn’t this every girls’ dream dress? Decorated with lace and precious stones, the heiress did not fail to dazzle the guests.

Russian heiress wedding

We wish the couple are from the story that says ‘Happily ever after!’

Russian heiress wedding

Apart from her lavish wedding ceremony, the 18-year-old teenager grabs the attention with her everyday luxurious lifestyle on social media too, posing in furs and holding expensive handbags.

Russian heiress wedding

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Chigirinskaya is popular for speaking of her horrible experience when she first stepped onto a commercial airplane when she was 14 years old.

“I entered a plane and saw that there were a lot of people.” But, soon after she deleted the post.

Irina also shared the price of her handbags, which reaches $11,440.

“How did I get a bag for 560,000 roubles? Because my father is Alexander Chigirinsky,” she said.

Part of her now-deleted posts were also her penchant for fur coats and holidays on luxurious yachts.

Once she recorded a video explaining how a Rolex with diamonds was ‘just random’ for her lifestyle.

“For me, normal at (the age of) ten already,” she said. While riding in her Bentley, she went on: “What can you do? That’s life.”

Yeah, sure it is!

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