Russian Salon’s Latest Nail Art Design Features Strands Of Hair, And We Can’t Have It

The Russian beauty salon is known for creating nail art designs that truly stand out from the crowd. From live ants to edible noodles, they are not your average nails. However, their latest creation might just be the weirdest of them all. The company which has almost 10 million followers on Instagram, has gone viral with a post they shared that featured thick strands of hair stuck onto the nail bed.

A video that revealed how the look was achieved received more than 189,000 views within the first 24 hours. But not all of the viewers are rushing to recreate the look at home. In fact, some people were disgusted. One social media user wrote:

That’s nasty. How would you eat with those nails.

While another said:

Unfollowing now, these post are just getting ridiculous.

However, some people seemed to dig in this idea for their Halloween costume. One person said:

Omg whatttt THESE are my Halloween dream nails.

The video tutorial shows the manicurist first painting the nails with black varnish.


Then, they start adding the strands of hair (yes, hair).

The nail artist is seen adding the brunette hair extensions that are roughly double the length of a finger. As seen in the video, the strands are applied onto the nail bed which is still wet from nail polish.

The nail artist then takes a small brush to detangle the hair extensions as pictured above. Asking viewers for their thought on the design, the salon captioned the video, writing:

Hair on the nails – new trend – YAY NAY?

The Moscow-based Nail Sunny salon seems to definitely think outside of the box, considering they’ve done a couple of unique nail designs in the past too.

The internet was divided over this unusual nail design, as some people branded them ‘ridiculous’ while others claimed that the creepy design would be perfect for Halloween. In June, the nail salon created yet another crazy design called the ‘brush nails’, which featured crafted combs on each finger that someone can rake through her own hair. In case you were wondering, the founders of this truly outstanding salon that does lots of different manicure and pedicure transformations, are sisters Eleonora and Arina Movsisyan. Before taking their experience in Moscow and opening the salon, the sisters lived in Los Angeles.

nail art

nail art

nail art

nail art

Some social media users even came up with the idea to take the design even further and finish the strands of hair with their own styles while others said it would keep their hands warm this winter. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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Source: Dailymail