Russian Wife Discovers That Her Husband Is Having An Affair Via Instagram

It seems that those times when the infidelity of a partner was revealed by a stray hair or a rogue lipstick mark are behind us. Nowadays, with the Internet and social media, there are so many different ways of discovering that your partner is being unfaithful. Of course, there is no nice way of finding out that your bae is cheating, it surely cannot get much worse than learning about it on Instagram, like one Russian woman did. Imagine you are innocently scrolling down and suddenly you witness something pretty strange. I mean something that can change your life, as Viralmotion reports.


Yulia Agranovych was innocently browsing through the photo-sharing app, Instagram when she noticed a fairly innocuous picture of the night sky which captured the sparkling lights of the Russian city of St. Petersburg. She recognized something that made her pause in shock.


That view of the city was really familiar to her because she recognized that as the view from her own bedroom window, that she shares with her husband. Of course, confused by the picture, Yulia decided to do some investigating so she viewed the profile of the person who shared the snap. The profile was filled with pictures of a woman she didn’t know lounging in the house that she shared with her husband.


There were several pictures of a mystery woman posing seductively in her bathroom while wearing very little clothing. Agranovych’s worst nightmares began to unfold before her very eyes.

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The woman in the pictures, Vlada Abramovich, claimed that the flat belonged to her and her husband. “Beautiful view from my husband’s bedroom,” she captioned one picture.


“I wasn’t searching for anything, it was a normal morning,” Yulia revealed in an interview on the Russian news channel Ren-TV. “Like any other person in the 21st century. I began my day browsing through my Instagram timeline, and suddenly I saw this very photograph.”

“It turned out that this woman and I have a large number of the same subscribers. Having visited her account, I found many other interesting photographs, including those of my husband.”


She was devastated by the discovery that her husband, Nazar Grynko was having an affair, so she decided to confront him. But, when she did, her husband denied everything, saying that while she’d been away he’d invited friends round for drinks. He expanded that the woman in the pictures was a friend’s girlfriend and that she’d simply jumped to conclusions.


However, still suspicious, Agranovych realized that there is one major flaw in his story. “When the guests came, they would have headed to the kitchen to drink tea – not to the bedroom,” she told her husband.

Even though Vlada Abramovich locked her account, she acknowledged the part she had to play in the affair. Discussing the situation on social media, Abramovich showed no remorse but she mocked the couple: “She is his wife, not mine, what’s the problem? Is he just a vegetable without free will? Don’t make me laugh.” Vlada continued saying people were “living in the 18th century” and defended her actions by saying, “If I want to have sex, I’ll have it.”

Grynko  admitted to his wife that  he had several lovers while she’d been away, but he said that he’d never been “mentally unfaithful” having “told every girl he was married.”


“I loved this phrase about being mentally faithful,” the wife said sarcastically, before discovering that this was also a lie after she spoke to his other lovers.

“The other girls were much more pleasant, one even crying on the phone to me, saying she had no idea he was married,” she said.


“It will be divorce. I hope to do it quickly… such people never change,” the wife said “If he finds a woman who is ready to be with him, and to accept it, let them be happy together. I’m so glad I got to know about it now and not when I became pregnant, for example, because we were planning to have a family. Or when I was 40, and we have three kids.”


Instead of being angry with the women who hooked up with her husband,  Agranovych is grateful. “Thank you, Vlada Abramovich – you are an experienced woman who taught me a good lesson,” she said.

Source: viralmotion