15 Facts You Never Knew About The Famous Actor Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has become the most talked about Canadian and that’s a good thing because we were getting tired hearing about Justin Bieber all the time. The Marvel superhero is also married to Blake Lively and they make such a powerful and funny couple. Being an A-list actor, he is always in the media…but…there are probably some surprising facts you don’t know about him.

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1. Back in school, Ryan failed drama class

The drama teacher probably regrets that decision!


Source: Celebuzz

2. He played Berg on Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place

He thought that the Bacon Street Pizza was a real place and when he went to Boston to check it out, he found out it was actually fake.


Source: Collider

3. He has an extreme fear of flying

When he went skydiving, the parachute failed to open at the first attempt and he was terrified.


Source: The Mirror

4. He loves to go on cross-country motorcycle trips

One time, he claims he had to take a bathroom break on the side of the road and jumped over into what he thought was a ravine but he actually jumped onto a dead horse.


Source: People

5. Ryan and Blake’s love story is so cute

The pair met on the set of The Green Lantern but were never alone. One year after that, the pair went on a double date, not with each other, and ended up hitting it off.

According to Ryan, it was weird for the dates since they could sense their chemistry.


Source: E! News

6. His friend tried to sell photos of his daughter James

Ryan was furious when he found that out and hasn’t talked to him since.


Source: Today

7. He took his role in Amityville Horror seriously

He refused to get close to the actors who were playing his kids because it would be easier for him to act abusive to them. The kids thought he hated them.


Source: Bustle

8. Ryan believed in Deadpool

It took 10 years for the movie to be filmed and released!


Source: USA Today

9. He’s a romantic guy

Before Blake, he met Rachael Leigh Cook in 2011 but she had to fly to England for a movie. Ryan pulled out of his filming schedule and ended up surprising her in London. The pair dated only for a year.


Source: GQ

10. He had his first kiss when he was 13

He revealed he had his first kiss behind a dumpster at school.


Source: Uber Topic

11. Ryan played the high school version of his character in Just Friends

He spent four hours in the makeup chair and pretended he wasn’t himself when a fan came to him.


Source: movpins

12. He suffered from claustrophobia while filming Buried

Since he spent hours every day locked in a coffin, that makes sense.


Source: Rear Window Viewing

13. He’s a little daredevil

Ryan jumped off a bridge in Zurich after he saw a friend of his do it. When he got up in the water, he knew he had broken a vertebrae in his back!


Source: The AV Club

14. He loves his Deadpool character

That’s why he went trick-or-treating with the children as the character.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

15. He has a perfect sad face for memes

He just looks like he regrets everything he has done in life. Priceless!


Source: Entertainment Tonight

But nothing can beat The Proposal!

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