Sam Faiers Hints At The Start Of Third Season Of The Mummy Diaries

The 26-year-old British TV personality and model Sam Faiers has become a mother of two last month, when she gave birth to her second child, a baby girl. It is the second child of the couple Sam and Paul Knightley. But that’s not the only news that fans were excited about. Fans almost exploded when Sam teased them a little with her Instagram post, hinting that it is time for the third season of her hit show, The Mummy Diaries, to start. Are we going to see the family for a third time soon?

Although no one is sure when the show will start with its third season, Sam took to Instagram to post a snap of baby Rosie, her sister Billie and Paul’s mum Gaynor as well as her own mum Suzanne.

She captioned the picture with: “The Girls (minus Nelly, who was playing) The Mummy Diaries coming soon… we laugh, we cry, tantrums & tiffs but most of all love & motherhood family xxx”

Fans immediately picked up the hint, and started commenting about how excited they were for the big news.

One wrote: “Omg when does your amazing programme start? Can’t wait x,” whilst another added: “Omfg I’m so excited @samanthafaiers we have two under two as well my daughter born a month before Paul and my son born about 6 weeks before Rosie[sic].”

Pink velour & cuddles 🎀 my little princess is getting soo big. #treasureeverymoment ❤️🌹

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Sam is known to have started filming the third season of her popular show.

Breakfast in bed 😉

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The stunning model is now a mother of two beautiful children. Sam explained to the media that she has been filming for the third series, which will air on ITVBe.

A source previously told The Sun: “The Mummy Diaries has been recommissioned for a third series after fans were left wanting when the last show ended. Sam’s baby news couldn’t have come at a better time and she’s really excited to share more of the next adventure with her fans.”

Can’t wait for the third season!

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