Notice Anything Odd With This Santa Picture? Hint: It’s Not The Santa

Frankly, I can’t wait to become a grandpa one day, and when Christmas time comes, to dress up as Santa Claus and just make kids happy. Or terrify them. Whichever way you turn it, though, when you’re Santa you’re basically the God of kids, and hey – who doesn’t want that job?

You can like, be an arbiter of what’s good and true, and give them presents and stuff. To the good kids, at least. No presents for the naughty ones! But that’s not something my heart can really sustain so I guess I’ll be a crappy Santa who gives everyone gifts, regardless.

It will probably look kinda like this:


Yeah, doing a great job there, Mr. I-Wanna-Be-Santa dude. To be fair though, the old softie looks pretty disturbed too.

Speaking of kids hating Santa, though, the following image (thanks, Shared) is relevant to our little story today. Take a good look at it…

Notice anything odd here?


No? Well, of course, you’re not that toddler’s mother. His mother is, in fact, Kerry Spencer, and unsurprisingly, her son didn’t quite like being cuddled by a red-tinted hairy polar bear. But the little boy didn’t express his discontent only through screaming. If you look closer at its little paws, you’ll notice something interesting. Like this:

See, Kerry is an awesome mom, because her son speaks American Sign Language even as a toddler! Granted, babies are really keen on learning all kinds of words and signs and mannerisms, and it seems the little boy is using the language correctly. In ASL, he’s saying “help.” Or in adult language, that’s S.O.S.!

In conclusion, all I can say is – dear Santa, please learn the sign too! You too can cry for help – silently.

Source: shared

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