12+ Satirical Comics That Depict The Present Life We Are Living

As years pass by, society is becoming weirder and weirder. The impact of technology, people liking and doing strange things, the body-shaming, the sexism around, all these are a reflection of the present life we are living. It’s funny because we know all of these are wrong, nevertheless, there are only a few people that take a step and do something to improve these aspects.

It would take one so much effort to adapt to this lifestyle and see the things that are going on. Take, for instance, an alien coming to live here. Well, the Instagram page Lesson In Humanity has had this idea to turn the reality in a mix of satirical and silly humor.

Inspired by the classic character-driven comics I grew up on, blended with a touch of surreal humor prevalent in modern webcomics, ‘Lessons in Humanity’ follows the day-to-day life of Will as he attempts to help his roommate, an alien named Armstrong, unravel the mysteries of human society.

Below we are about to introduce you with some topics that have come across on a daily basis. Find more about the page here.

1. Lesson 10: Clubbing

2. Lesson 23: Homelessness


3. Lesson 22: Ratings

4. Lesson 24: Food Production

5. Lesson 32: Body Image

6. Lesson 33: Generally good

7. Lesson 35: Festive get-togethers

8. Lesson 5: Beer

9. Lesson 36: Gift giving

10. Lesson 6: Wifi

11. Lesson 29: January

12. Lesson 7: Attitude

13. Lesson 26: Sheep

14. Lesson 15: Foreign Aid

16. Lesson 14: Homophobia

As much as you might be sad this is the ugly truth where the world has gone. Agree or disagree, things have to change for good and this should not be what depicts us. Start today, apply changes to the life you do and if we all sign up for this, we can, in fact, make the world a much better place for us in the present time and for the generations that come in the next years.

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