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12+ Hacks & Tricks To Help You Save Money

12+ Hacks & Tricks To Help You Save Money

It doesn’t matter whether you belong to a low or high-income family, people should always be encouraged to be more economical. Nowadays, you pay more for the brand than for the quality of a product, and this is how you know it’s time to stop wasting money. You’ll be surprised how much you can save if you follow these hacks & tricks we’re showing you today.


1. Reusable containers.

Source: Reddit | iam1whoknocks

You’re not only buying food, but you’ll also get to use the containers for other things, and frankly, it’s not like these look much different from Tupperware containers.


2. Debone a chicken.

Source: Reddit | cordial_chordate

Boneless chickens are more expensive. So start your laptop, watch YouTube tutorials on how to debone a chicken and ta-daaa! You’ve got yourself a meal and you’ll be saving money.


3. Thrifty for life!

Source: Reddit | AiJay1

This knife is worth a fortune, but don’t rush throwing your money since you can get it in thrift stores for just a few bucks. You’re welcome!


4. Say no to buying pre-cut fruit.

Source: Reddit | Pete_The_Rawdog

What’s wrong with cutting it yourself at home?! Saving money never hurt anybody.


5. Homemade and cheap.

Source: Reddit | kjoshi

Why pay $10 or &20 for a bowl of ramen when you can perfectly make them at home for $0.50. Don’t forget to add mushrooms and boiled eggs.


6. Frugal saving at its finest.

Source: Reddit | Faelid

This dude saved over $1,000 by saving money in a jar. Someone, please find me a jar!


7. Carefully take the wrapping paper off, you might need it later.

Source: Reddit | DisasterBUSE

This is literally me! It saves money and most importantly, I don’t start panicking when I have to attend birthday parties and can’t find wrapping paper at home.


8. Always wait for sales.

Source: Reddit | Nusent

You’ll regret not doing this after you find the same blouse you bought for $50, it’s now, let’s say $10. Yup, it happens.


9. No paying extra for baggage fees.

Source: Reddit | DDChandler

If it’s not too hot, maybe you should give it a try.


10. DIY (Halloween) costumes.

Source: Reddit | BadHabitBaby

For only a few bucks, you can win Halloween with your handmade costume.


11. Get yourself a slow cooker at the thrift store.

Source: Reddit | MashedPotatoh

Your family will be forever grateful for the tasty food.


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12. Zipper-lock bags to the rescue.

hacks & tricks

Source: Reddit | [deleted]

“Six meals for $7 and 25 minutes of work.” We have a winner here!


13. Don’t waste cuttings.

hacks & tricks

Source: Reddit | KingSlayer1865

Grow a plant from cuttings. I’m sure people won’t hesitate to give you one.


14. Mesh bags work wonders.

hacks & tricks

Source: Reddit | broja

If you were looking for a trap for your laundry lint, well, look no more.


15. Another clever hack to save money.

hacks & tricks

Source: Reddit | david0990

No more carrying them to the gas stations for a refill.


16. Clothing dye for the win!

hacks & tricks

Source: Reddit | AboutHelpTools3

You know those favorite jeans you to loveeee to wear but are now faded. Well, here’s a little hack for you.

Got any other trick? Share them on the comment section.


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