24 Dreadful, Scary And Fascinating Pictures From Around The World On Google Earth

Google Earth has significantly changed our lives. We are now able to view almost any hidden corner of the globe from our living rooms – something that was unimaginable only a decade ago. You do not even have to leave your comfortable chair in order to travel and explore the planet now.

However, there are some dreadful and pretty scary things going on in this world, too. This gallery of Google Earth images, thanks to Diply, proves that.

1. Google Earth is able to take you to a boiling cauldron of lava

It is beyond scary. You could feel the heat on this volcano that is located inland on the Vanuatu islands in the South Pacific.


Source: Google Earth

2. The wreckage of the Costa Concordia is also visible on Google Earth


Source: Google Earth

3. You can even get a feel for what it’s like roaming the streets of a Russian town with a rifle


Source: Imgur | Andewz111

4. Here one of North Korea’s most notorious labor camps, Yodok, can be seen


Source: Google Maps

5. This is the Davis-Monthan AFB in Arizona also called the “Airplane Boneyard” that has been established after the Second World War

Incredible right? It has also become the largest site of this kind in the world.


Source: Reddit | MarcoMtl

6. Google Earth provides the view of a jet when it powers its engines up


Source: Reddit | fernguts

7. Incredibly, the Google cameras got the aftermath of a collision at a major intersection


Source: Reddit | won23

8. A massive fire at an old college is caught on camera

The view from the ground and the Google Earth view.


Source: Reddit | Jessyman

9. An image of Manhattan after the 9/11 attacks


Source: Reddit | calumtaylor

10. A very brave Google camera carrier found this disturbing scene in Pripyat

The town has stood evacuated and abandoned since the Chernobyl disaster in 1986.


Source: Google Earth

11. Another abandoned place, this time in Japan

Guankanjima was once dedicated to coal mining, but after the coal was depleted, the island city ended up abandoned.


Source: Google Earth

12. A woman named Ayano Tsukimi made 350 dolls and replaced all the people who died or left her Japanese village throughout her life

Pretty disturbing, right?


Source: Google Earth

13. A gaunt horse eating garbage in Brazil


Source: Business Insider

14. This skull was found in Novaya Zemlya, an island in northern Russia

This was the site of the world’s largest nuclear detonation, Tsar Bomba, according to one Imgur user.


Source: Imgur | Antipus405

15. Ariel Castro’s home is blurred out on Google Earth

He held three women hostages in his home in Cleveland for ten years.


Source: Mashable

16. Don’t get too scared, it is not a dumpster full of dead bodies

They are mannequins but still, a bit disturbing.


Source: Google Street View

17. Jon Rafman is a Canadian artist who takes interesting screenshots on Google Earth and posts them online

Some of them are beautiful, while others are pretty alarming.


Source: 9 Eyes

18. An innocent cosplay display common in Japan

Anywhere else it would look a lot creepier!


Source: Google Earth

19. A blood-red lake outside of Sadr City in Iraq

There is still no explanations for the color of the lake.


Source: Live Science

20. It is not funny to point a gun at the Google car

In this same house, there allegedly was a baby found dead in a closet with no cause of death determined.


Source: CBS Detroit

21. Amazing but a bit scary

It looks like the ocean will start pouring onto the land anytime.


Source: Imgur | HeckinBambuzil

22. This aerial view of a dock looks a bit sinister

Even though it does look like a crime scene from CSI- Miami, it actually is a public park in the Netherlands, where no one would dump a body in broad daylight.


Source: Chris Vance

23. The Lunik IX Roma ghetto in Slovakia

This infamous neighborhood reportedly has no electricity, running water, or heating.


Source: Google Earth

24. The infamous El Bronx ghetto in Bogota, Colombia captured on Google Earth


Source: Google Earth
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