School’s “Gender Neutral” Policy Bans Shorts But Says The Boys Can Wear Skirts Instead

While school uniforms can be quite useful in setting a feeling of equality between all students, as well as major timesavers in the morning, they can also be pretty constricting. They stop students from expressing their individuality, and, unless your school has two types of uniforms for summer and winter, they aren’t always weather-friendly.

This is the case with Oxfordshire’s Chiltern Edge Secondary School, which last year adopted a ‘more formal’ uniform policy. The policy stated that students could only wear trousers or skirts as legwear. A parent who found the new policy confusing asked the school if his son could wear shorts, to which the school answered no. They said that if the boys find it too hot to wear trousers, they can wear skirts instead. This is meant to be a part of the school’s ‘gender-neutral’ policy.

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The boy’s father, Mr. Vince-Porteous told MailOnline:

“I was told shorts are not part of the uniform. It’s a shame we can’t be more grown up about it, we aren’t asking for ra-ra skirts or skinny jeans, just grey tailored shorts for two months a year, it’s not a big deal.”

Another parent, Joanne Muday said:

“I know that in the past other schools have worn skirts so I asked if my son was able to do that – and the school said yes. It’s nuts to make the kids wear blazers and ties when it gets very hot.”

People on social media were also outraged at the decision and showed their support for the boys on Twitter.

One of the users wrote:

“I’m still fuming about that Oxfordshire school banning boys from wearing shorts as they are not “gender neutral” but they can wear skirts as they are “gender neutral”. Horse shit! Boys & girls wear shorts. Boys do not wear skirts. Pathetic school.”

Another one said:

“So in an age of, *don’t insist anyone does anything*, a school is insisting boys wear skirts if they’re too hot for trousers.. ? #Malevolent

Schoolboys told wear skirts NOT shorts when it’s too hot for trousers.”

However, the school’s headteacher Moira Green said they support this decision:

“In September 2017, with the support of parents, Chiltern Edge made the decision to move to a more formal uniform. This has been a success. Maiden Erlegh Trust, in preparation for September 2018, wholeheartedly support Chiltern Edge’s adoption of a more formal uniform.”

A similar situation happened at the Isca academy in Exeter a while back. When the boys of the school asked to wear shorts because of the hot weather their request was denied so the next day they showed up at the school wearing skirts. Dozens of boys joined in the protest – and after they were told their legs were too hairy for skirts, some of them actually brought razors to shave their legs.

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