Schoolboy Punished For Cutting Hair Too Short A Day After Being Told It Was Too Long

To cut or not to cut, that is the question!

A baffled schoolboy has been punished by his school for cutting his hair too short. The worst part is that just one day before he was told it was too long. I know right! Quite confusing!

The schoolboy named Jonathan Soares who is 16 years old, was told off by a teacher at Great Yarmouth Charter Academy, in Norfolk, last Monday for his haircut. His locks featured short sides and a long, floppy fringe, and according to his teacher, was too long and needed a trim.

That’s why Jonathan duly took himself off to get a £10 trim that night at his local hairdresser and had the sides ‘shaved faded’ and the top and fringe cut shorter.

You’d think no big deal, right? But the next day after Jonathan arrived at school, another teacher told him off as his hair was too short.

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Due to his, what was considered short trim, the 16-year-old schoolboy was placed in isolation for a week, so he had to work alone. This has left Jonathan’s mother, Sophia worried as the isolation may affect negatively his GCSEs. According to her, his son has the right to choose his haircut himself, as long as there is no outrageous color or pattern on it, saying:

It’s ridiculous. It seems to me like they are making an example out of Jonathan.

I understand that they need to have the correct uniform and look smart but there are no patterns in it and it’s not an outrageous colour – it’s just a short back and sides.

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She also said that Jonathan is not the only kid in that school who sports that type of haircut. That’s why according to her, this is considered discrimination, adding:

You should not isolate a child for their haircut. A haircut does not stop you from learning.

He’s not learning anything in isolation now so he might as well be at home.

Pictured below: Jonathan Soares after his haircut.

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A spokesperson for the Inspiration Trust, a multi-academy trust of academies and free schools in East Anglia, England, who run a number of schools right across Norfolk and Suffolk, said that parents and pupils are already aware of the guidelines and the punishments, saying:

These are not difficult to follow, and if pupils choose to go against them they do so knowing the sanctions they are likely to face.

schoolboy punished for cutting hair too short
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Still, did his long or short hair interfere in any way with his brain cells, as to affect the process or learning? We still don’t know the answer to the first question of the article!


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