This Artist Decorates Real Seashells And Turns Them Into Treasure-Like Masterpieces

There hasn’t been a better time for sharing and experimenting with different ways of art than now. The opportunities for sharing are greater and every day we are getting more and more exposed to various contemporary artists and their unique artistic masterpieces. Which is to say, we have every opportunity to dwell into the world of art and creativity and enjoy every bit of it while we’re there.

The world is now the canvas of many artists. Mary Kenyon from California is one famous artist who has decided to leave the regular canvas aside and opt for something a bit more… unusual and unheard of. Mary uses real seashells and transforms them into decorative jewelry dishes. She is a self-taught artist and she takes great inspiration from her father, who was a talented oil painter.

What she does is, she decoupages an image in the real seashell and then she decorates parts of the surface with brass or Swarovski rhinestones. See below for some of her work.

1. This looks like something out of a dream.

seashells decorative jewelry dishes

2. A blank surface can offer many creative possibilities.

seashells decorative jewelry dishes

3. Vintage and so lovely.

4. Depicting the real beauty of nature and its creatures.

5. A human being onto a seashell.

6. It makes me want hundreds of these.

7. These would make the perfect gift!

8. Beauty at its best.

9. Different-colored roses.

10. Mermaids and the ocean tides.

11. “My gypsy soul”.

12. Succumbing to thoughts.

13. A calm sea and thinking minds.

14. A fairyland within the constraints of a seashell.

15. Flowers make the best decorations!

16. Looks, conversations, and love.

17. A butterfly and nature.


These pretty pieces truly deserve so much recognition. Check her Instagram for more.


Any thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below. We’ll be reading.


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Source: Boredpanda