Wanna See How McDonald’s Make Their Chicken McNuggets?

The nearest McDonald’s is often the go-to place after a bad breakup, or a heavy night of drinking, or for that short break at work… It’s our guilty pleasure.

But what goes in into some of our delicious poisons? For you it may be the Big Mac, for someone else it’s the Filet O’Fish, but for me it’s the Chicken McNuggets. Which makes me feel kinda weird now because… Foodenvy showed me what exactly gets into it and how it’s made.

Basically, it’s like looking inside your lover’s body.


And there are all kinds of nasty, scary and horrible stories about how McDonald’s make their food, you know. Like, stuff you wouldn’t believe. Or would, but still eat the c**p out of that Big Mac, we know!

Anyways, to dispel these rumors and improve their image a bit, McDonald’s decided to team up with the My Virgin Kitchen YouTube channel, which is well known and respected for their insights into foods, cooking, all kinds of delicious recipes and so on. You know, the whole “food network” schtick.

So, McDonald’s decided to give the YouTuber a look inside the McProcess. Here’s the vid:

Source: My Virgin Kitchen

Barry the brave YouTuber accepted the task with honor and courage! But instead being faced with some complicated set of processes that took the food out of food, which he feared, he was faced with a pleasant surprise:

“I was expecting it to be a bit more complex, but the actual structure for how the nuggets are made is very simple, and the stations in the factory replicate that.”

It is all very mundane and expected, actually. The chicken nuggets get inspected by hand, then they get minced, marinated, and so on. Finally, they get flattened a bit and cut into nugget shapes. Barry explains:

“Yes, marinated for extra flavour. It is then compressed and flattened to make pressing the nugget shapes achievable. There are a variety of stages here, [including] a gentle breadcrumb and batter, then flash frying, before going through a slow freezer. Then they’re ready to be bagged up.”

This is how it’s made, folks. I’m feeling hungry already!


Once the nuggets end up in the blue bags shown in the video, the McNuggets are transported to a franchise near you and are ready to be cooked.

Of course, the fact remains that this video was sponsored by McDonald’s themselves, but hey, it’s still something. And looks much better than our worst fears!

Off I go now, I need some Chicken McNuggets…

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