Selena’s Family Is Using Social Media To Encourage Her To Make Up With Her Mom

In the last couple of months, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez fans were thrilled to see them reunited. Rumors abounded about whether they were back together or if it just a friendly reunion?

Yet, someone was far from pleased to see them hanging out. Selena Gomez’s mother, 41-year-old Mandy Teefey, has fallen out with her daughter since Selena started hanging out with Justin again, as reported by Hollywoodlife.

Selena, 25, reunited with 23-year-old ex Justin in a series of dates. Sadly, Mandy ended up hospitalized from the stress of a fight that she and Selena had. Then, the two quit following each other on Instagram. Now, Selena’s grandmother and her aunt are trying to reunite them through social media and end their feud.

They are trying to remind the mother and daughter how strong their love has always been. Selena’s grandma Debbie Jean Gibson posted a photo to her Instagram on Dec. 27 and showed the world how close Selena was with her mom. They look like sisters! The grandma captioned the post “My girls”.

Selena’s aunt, Jan Gibson, also took action. She wanted to remind them of their strong bond as a mother and daughter. Gibson posted an Instagram pic on Dec. 29 of Sel sucking on a lollipop while her mom trailed close behind her. It’s more than obvious they look happy! You could also mistake them for twins.


It is sad to see these two not talking to each other, especially after the stressful year that Selena has had.

My beautiful girls

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Mandy was really upset when Selena reunited with Justin and his family because of all the pain and drama that Justin caused Selena over the years.


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Is it possible that these two reunite soon?

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Source: Hollywoodlife