Here Are 5 Things That Help Make Self-Care Easier

What I love most about 2018 energy is how it has taught people to love and appreciate themselves more. Accepting yourself for who you are is one of the most important achievements we should strive for. The good thing about self-care is that it is very versatile. It includes everything that makes you happy. Everything that soothes your heart and soul. You find self-care in the littlest things. Just figure out what works best for you.

Chelsea Marshall

Chelsea Marshall has come up with a list of things that have helped her realize how important and easy it is.


1. Self-care is unique

When it comes to self-care, you have to figure out what works for you. While a brisk walk around the neighborhood might work for someone, other people would rather enjoy a scorching hot bath. Figure out what makes you feel good, and make sure to indulge yourself in such activities as much as possible.

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2. It doesn’t need to be expensive!

Thinking that self-care can cost you a lot will be a good enough reason to let it slip. Self-care can be as cheap as you want it to be. It doesn’t have to include fancy products or ideas. Simply make the best out of what you got and don’t put too much pressure on yourself as that can take quite a toll on you.



3. Give yourself 15 minutes.

We live in a super dynamic world. We are constantly rushing, thinking that we are running out of time. But remember to take it easy, breathe in and breathe out. I know you’re busy but please promise me you will take 15 minutes to relax and do something good that YOU benefit from.



4. Recharge

Often times, we don’t even notice how much energy we are spending on everyday life. It is very important that we take breaks from time to time. Reserve Sundays as YOU says. Dedicate it to you. You earn it.



5. Be proud

Acknowledge what you have achieved. Whatever it is, make sure you understand that what you achieved is great and even greater things are coming. Be determined. And also, understand that you need to tackle things piece by piece.

Feeling like I improved myself in some small way (yo, baby soft skin, I see you!) helped ease the anxiety of the bigger things I had to tackle.

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Something else you can do is spend time with people you enjoy. They will make you feel appreciated and loved as well as taken care of.


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