Self-Defense 101: Don’t Put Your Keys Between Your Fingers

These are dangerous times we’re living in. It’s important for everyone to know some basic self-defense skills. Walking in a deserted parking lot at night can be very scary, and having something to use for protection can definitely make you feel safer. This instrument for a lot of people is their keys. Putting your car or house keys between your fingers a la Wolverine, may make you feel armed and dangerous; and you are dangerous, but more to yourself than to a potential attacker, as reported by Awkward Mom.


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But it looks so cool, why shouldn’t I do it?

There are a few reasons why self-defense experts don’t recommend this method. One is because you’re likely to injure your hand. If the jagged edges of the keys cut into your flesh, your punches will be much less effective. Another reason is that you could drop your keys, and then be left locked outside your car or house with no means to escape and no shelter. Besides, your attacker could pick them up and then have access to your properties.


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Is there a way I can use my keys to defend myself?

Yes. If you really insist, the best way to use your keys for self-defense is by attaching them to a lanyard or on a device called kubotan (pictured below). Now you can swing them around easily and use them as a weapon.


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Or you can use the keys without the additional props. Don’t put them between your fingers – instead, hold them as you would a knife, pointing down. The “blade” is short, but it’s still pointy and metal, and it can be quite effective if you stab your assailant in a sensitive area, like the throat, eyes, or groin.


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The same method can work if you have a bunch of keys as well. Hold them in your fist, pointing down, and strike at your attacker as if you’re drawing an X on them. This should be enough to stun them and to provide you some time to escape and get help.

Knowing these tips can prove crucial in a pinch, but hopefully, you will never need to use them.

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From: awkwardmom