Serena Williams’s Daughter Wore A Mini Tutu Just Like Her Mother

You know Serena Williams? Only the best athlete of all time, the winner of 23 grand slam singles titles, among her many, many other accomplishments – no big deal.

Well, earlier this year she wore a skintight, black suit to her first match after giving birth to her daughter, Olympia. The suit was a black Nike catsuit and was designed to prevent blood clots through compression, something she struggled with previously.

Posting an image to Instagram, she dedicated it to the mothers who’d had a difficult pregnancy.

But, despite the fans loving what she referred to as her “Wakanda-inspired catsuit”, the French Tennis Federation was not quite that fond apparently, and banned her from wearing it again, claiming it went against the dress code.

So, she seems to have decided the next best thing, if she’s not allowed the catsuit, it to wear a tutu, and at the Matching US Open Outfit, she showed up wearing an actual tutu.

And she was seen rocking some, honestly, amazing tutus this year, in several colors, and looking like the badass she is.


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And now, I am about to make your heart melt with an adorable picture Williams just posted to her Instagram account. It’s her daughter, Olympia, wearing a mini tutu – same as her mother!

“Did Momma win?” Williams captioned the picture, which shows Olympia pushing a pink, to stroller and wearing a miniature replica of her mother’s US Open outfit.

Oh, be still, my heart!


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Both of the tutus were designed by Off-White founder Virgil Abloh, as were her tiny, little sneakers!


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And look! She even has a mini tennis bag!


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Rock on, Serena! Hopefully, her daughter will take after her, though we really don’t doubt she will be great no matter what she does.

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