8 Pictures That Show How The Idea Of Sexy Changed Through The Decades

It’s hard to define what sexy really is but it sure has to do with confidence. If we look through the decades, there’s definitely more than just one thing that makes people sexy. And it wasn’t always the same thing.

The roaring 20’s

The biggest trend at that time was having a boyish figure and women liked to pretend they didn’t have curves. Women even tried to hide their breasts with strips of cloth to conceal them. As for makeup, pale skin combined with a dark shade was very fashionable.

Hollywood glamour of the 1930’s and 40’s

The golden era of Hollywood where some of the most famous designers were on the rise. Chanel and Dior were the hottest names and women no longer tried to hide their natural curves. During this time, the padded bras became a thing and the pale skin was replaced with a more natural skin tone.

Pin up girls of the 1950’s

1950’s are totally about all that is Marilyn Monroe. Her blonde hair and hourglass figure were the definition of sexy at that time. But still, showing too much skin was not considered sexy by women. Instead they used their charming personalities to their advantage. In this era the winged eyeliner and red lipstick were the thing to use.

Hippy chicks of the 1960’s

The skinny figure was back in style as the iconic model Twiggy appeared. The miniskirt and the pixie cut were the two iconic fashion trends that are stuck with us ’till this time. On the other hand, there were hippies who rocked long hair, platform shoes and bell-bottoms. Mascara was the most important when it came to makeup.

Disco divas in the 1970’s

The trend of disco divas became very fashionable. High waisted jeans and huge sunglasses were so in. Women emulated the look of Bianca Jagger and the ladies of Studio 54 while the Farrah Fawcett long feathered haircut was a huge style trend. Bronzer was something people never got tired of.


Neon and spandex in the 1980’s

Aerobic classes attracted more and more women everyday, and as result, toned body was what women were trying to achieve. Spandex gym clothes were also the biggest thing in fashion during that time. Colors were bright and neon with huge hair and giant shoulder pads. Blue eyeshadow and shocking pink blush were the next level in makeup.

The grungy 1990’s

The grungy, heroin chic trend sported by models like Kate Moss were a big trend. Inspired from the TV sitcom, Friends, the Rachel haircut was sported by a lot of women and belly buttons also became popular. Being unhealthy thin like the models in Vogue was something women aspired to.

Post 2000’s and the freedom to choose

In the 2000’s there is only one trend that’s considered sexy and that’s being yourself. Body positivity is highly spreaded in social networks and the only thing that matters is being confident about your body and your flaws.

We have definitely come a long way but we’re not stopping now. What a time to be alive!

What do you guys think? Do you wish you could back to a particular era and experience it yourself?

Source: Auntyacid