This Is What The Shape Of Your Belly Button Says About Your Personality

The shape of your belly button has something to do with your personality. I bet you are surprised, aren’t you? Well, there are things we learn every day so this will be one of them.


Omphalomancy is the study of navel shapes. It is used to predict someone’s personality based on the shape of one’s navel. While it might still sound weird to you, the shape, color, protuberance etc. of your belly reveals a lot about your health and personality. Continue reading to figure out what does the shape of your belly button say about your personality.


1. Round

If you have a round belly button then you are a person who comes out smiling when you get hurt because you learned something from it. You are also good at communicating your thoughts which makes all your relations healthy and interactive. Your happy-go-lucky nature is what always keeps you positive and open to new opportunities.


2. Big

A big and deep belly button is a sign of a person whose magnanimity knows no bounds. Even though you might suffer personally, you never let it affect the ones close to you. The only problem could be that you might doubt the need to be selfless in a selfish world but when you’re past that, you will realize that you should be who you are.


3. Shallow

A shallow and small belly button means that you are the person who people can tell a secret to. You understand someone who has been through a lot and wants to discuss that with you. Also, you might be a little mysterious and needs to be by yourself considering the things you’ve seen.


4. Protruding

A protruding belly button is characteristic of people who are stubborn but believe in sticking to one’s opinion. Even though you don’t admit it, you like being in the limelight because you just know your true worth. As for love, you will take some time until you find someone who matches your capabilities but when you do, it will last.


5. Upward

A big, deep and upwards belly button is the ideal shape. This means that you are cheerful, energetic and very active. You are constantly motivated and your enthusiasm is infectious. In your heart you carry a goal that you want to accomplish in real life and you will work towards it tirelessly every day.


6. Downward

A downward belly button is indicative of lower energy levels. You are a person who doesn’t like to work too much manually but is brilliant at brain games. Even though people might call you lazy, they appreciate your intelligence.


7. Oval

This shape is associated with hyperactivity and extra sensitivity. If this is the shape of your belly button, you are the person who always needs something to do and gets bored easily. Curiosity drives you strongly and you always need to know what’s new.


8. Wide

The wide belly button is associated with people who are always on their guard. You don’t trust anyone easily but the people you let in your life mean the world to you. Loyalty and trust are the prime drivers of your personality.


9. Reverse Y-shaped

This shape is rare but people who have it like to remain behind the scenes and do all the work. Being successful is something very personal and important to you and so is your happiness which you keep close to your heart.


Source: ia.meaww

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