How To Shape Your Eyebrows With Tweezers

Ever since the beginning of time, people have been taking care of their facial features. Even if beauty products like we know them today were lacking, people made do with what they had. But, apart from that, and without including beauty products in this while scenario, beauty trends have come a long way, and people’s preferences have changed quite a lot.

When it comes to beauty trends, we are aware that they are far from how our ancestors used to know them. Eyebrows specifically have started gaining popularity a lot, and nowadays they seem to be one of the most talked about features. People want to know the best shapes for their eyebrows, they want to know different techniques on how to make them ‘fleeky’, and so on.

how to shape eyebrows with tweezers

A brief history of eyebrow trends over the years

As we mentioned before, research has shown that eyebrows trends have changed a lot. Although there is no permanent change when it comes to trends since in the beauty and fashion world they keep coming back, this is what happens even with eyebrows. Natural brows have been an everlasting trend and people are embracing it back and forth.

However, they were not as much in style back in the 1920s. During those years, Entity Magazine has concluded that women were rocking the ‘pencil-thin rounded brow’, where women used darker pencils in order to make their eyebrows have a curved shape with a downward angle. Anyhow, things took a turn in the 1940s, where women were seen stunning the crowds with the ‘heavy arch’. The thicker and natural brow look was all over the place. It’s fair to say, even two decades later, the ‘full brow’ was around. With the famous and loving representative, Audrey Hepburn. She was known for her thick and full brows, with an arch toward the top and a straight cut towards the bottom. For a prominent change of trend, eyebrows took a turn and in the 90s, people went for the ‘skinny brow’ look. It did not look bad, it actually made the eyebrows look quite unique. The pencil brow continued even in the 2000s. But, today, people are more into showcasing their thick brows, and it’s as impressive as it can get.

How exactly do you shape eyebrows with tweezers?

how to shape eyebrows with tweezers

There are different ways and different tools people use to shape their eyebrows. But, the most common one would be the eyebrow tweezers. Tweezers are those small tools that people use when they want to pluck their eyebrows, however, they are used to pick anything that’s too small to be handled with the human fingers.

While there are people who use wax or threads to pluck and shape their eyebrows, there are the ones, like me, who are more into using tweezers. Below you will find a few tips and tricks on how you can shape your own eyebrows with tweezers, as research suggests.

1. Exfoliate your skin by cleansing it with a washcloth or use a facial scrub. Whatever you find suitable.

2. You can use teething gels for babies to numb the pain for a little while.

3. Brush your brows up and out using a clean toothbrush, brow brush, or simply your fingers.

4. Sit where bright light touches your face and use a magnifying mirror. However, make sure you have a regular mirror close so you can check the overall results from time to time.

5. You should have a good pair of tweezers, more specifically they should have a slanted edge.

6. Make sure to wipe the edges of the tweezers with alcohol from time to time to avoid oil build-ups.

7. Pull the skin as you pluck and tweeze the hair in the direction they grow.

8. What you need to do to find your arch is, simply take a pencil and hold it next to your nostril at an appropriate 45-degree angle past the pupil and through your brow. Meaning, your arch is just outside of where the pencil hits your brow.

9. Tweeze the hair under the arch.

10. Make sure to tweeze both the bottoms and tops of your eyebrows, these areas should be smooth.

11. Tweeze the hair in-between the two brows. The space between your brows should be equal or a bit wider than your eyes. To find out where your brow should begin, simply take a pencil again, and hold it parallel to the side of your nose. Your brow should begin where the pencil touches the brows.

12. Do not forget to check at the overall result from time to time to make sure you’re not overplucking.

13. Aloe vera gel will clam the redness.

14. Go ahead and fill them in, if they are sparse or spotty, and you’re good to go.



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