Are You A Sensual Person? This Is What The Shape Of Your Lips Says About Your Personality

Your physical attributes can tell a lot about your personality, whether you are confident or shy, reserved or outgoing and depending on your other personality traits. You can also tell a lot about someone’s personality based on the shape of their lips. Are you a sensual person? Well, scroll down to figure out what yours say about you.


1. Bow-shaped lips

People who have this shape are sharp and focused. They really do understand their dreams and have their own goals they want to reach. Their sensuality comes from the self-belief and while in a relationship they wouldn’t let out their sensual side if you don’t match their standards.


2. Downward-turned lips

These people tend to be shy and more reserved. Their sensuality comes from the mystery of their personality so you will have to keep guessing until you put in the effort to understand them more.


3. Full lips

People with full lips are naturally more attractive without even trying. Their sensuality comes from the fact they know that they are sexy and there is often a naughty side to their personality.


4. Heart-shaped lips

People with heart-shaped lips are naturally sensual as they are cute and kind by nature. If they fall for you, you will have the time of your life. They can also be very seductive when they want to.


5. Heavy lower lips

Heavy lower lips are known to love unconditionally. They are independent, sensual and if they love you enough, you would see their ferocity reflect in sex also, as they are very confident with their body.


6. Heavy upper lips

People with heavy upper lips are very accepting of their bodies and aware of their sensuality. But be careful, since they can either unleash their sexuality or be very cold if they don’t appreciate you as a person.


7. Round lips

People with round lips are multi-talented, hard working and very active which is a perfect combination. They are smart not to fall for silly tricks but if you connect with them, they have a lot of ways to show their affection.


8. Thin lips

Thin-lipped people are very honest so if they don’t like something, they will let you know. They can be very sensual but only for those who can handle a straight-up approach.


9. Wide lips

Last but not least, those with wide lips are sweet, loving and caring by nature. Their sensuality lies in the fact that they can make you feel very safe in their company so you’ll forget about your worries. They are very loyal but if you break their trust, those same lips can rip you apart.


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