Wanna Have Shiny Hair? Pour Coca-Cola On It, And 4 Other Weird Remedies

Everyone has those bad hair days, and everyone hates them! Logically, people are fighting back, and they’ve found a powerful ally in… Coca-Cola.

Yeah, it sounds super weird. And nasty. And it makes me cringe. But let’s give peace a chance, shall we?


But how can Coca-Cola even do this? Time for some science!

Well, according to StyleCraze, it turns out that everyone’s favorite beverage is rich in phosphoric acid, meaning that its pH levels are much lower (around 2.5) than what most shampoos have. So, when you pour Coca-Cola on your hair, its cuticles react by contracting, which makes your hair look smooth and shiny. The effects are applicable to curly hair, too – just pour a bottle of Coca-Cola on your locks and they’ll look more beautiful than ever!

Pour Coca-Cola on your head and wash your hair with it. I can’t believe I just wrote that.


But how to do it?

First, buy a bottle of Coke. Then, open it, and enjoy the swishy sound it makes as you do so. Listen to the bubbles. Then take the bottle in your hand, and pour it over your hair. Yes, it’s important to do this as seriously as possible. Don’t laugh!

Now, having your hair all soaked with Coca-Cola, leave it to dry for around 5-10 minutes. Then shampoo your hair with an ordinary shampoo like any normal person would, you freak.

Look, it even looks hot.


BUT, just in case that made you cringe, here are some alternative, and less unpleasant solutions for molesting your hair. Cough – I mean, beautifying it.

1. Black tea

You’ll have to make it extra strong – put at least 2 teabags in the cup, and leave it overnight. The next day, after shampooing your hair, apply the black tea on your hair and let it sit for like 15-30 minutes. Then wash it off.


2. Gelatin

Being made from animal remains, gelatin is rich in hydrolyzed proteins which can heal damaged hair and make it shine. Dissolve one tablespoon of gelatin in a cup of water, and add one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to it. Rub this concoction over your har, and wash it off after 20 minutes with the help of warm water. Use shampoo.


3. Beer

The malt and the hops in beer assist the repair of hair cuticles, resulting in a stronger, shinier hair. Just massage your head with ample quantities of flat beer, and rinse it off after 5 minutes.

4. Coconut oil

As with everything else, coconut oil is also perfect for treating damaged and dry hair. Is there any occasion where coconut oil is not recommended, actually? But here’s how to treat your hair to some wonderful coconut goodness. Heat up, say, a cup of extra virgin coconut oil and massage your hair with it. Then, put a shower cap on and leave it on for at least 30 minutes. Finally, rinse it off with warm water, shampoo, and conditioner. And voila – your hair will thank you!



No matter which of the above methods you choose, make sure you follow them at least once a week to get the best results. That said, although these tips can help you, shiny hair can be yours if you follow a proper hair care routine along with the right diet and adequate sleep. So, make sure you eat healthily and sleep better!

Source: stylecraze

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