10 Online Shopping Scams That Are Actually Kinda Funny

The internet is so amazing, isn’t it? It allows you to do everything without leaving the comfort of your own home. A lot of women love going shopping – it’s super fun and relaxing! However, some find this activity quite boring, so it’s understandable that, when faced with the opportunity to do all their shopping while lounging on their couch in their sweatpants, they are going to take it. Sure there is nothing wrong with purchasing goods from a trusted retailer. But when you start wading into the uncharted waters of the shady transactions, that’s when the trouble begins. A lesson these people in The Talko‘s YouTube video learned the hard way.

funny 1You have to be very careful when you’re shopping online, especially if you’re intending to buy something expensive. Searching for good bargains and finding one that offers a high-priced product for a much lower price may seem like a good deal. But it isn’t, because if there is one rule that governs the realm of online shopping it’s that everything that seems too good to be true, most definitely is. Don’t trust these scammers, your money would be better spent if you just toss it down the drain.

funny 2And then there is online shopping for clothes. It sure is convenient not to have to move from the comfy sofa and have your stuff delivered straight to your living room. But if you don’t try the clothes on before buying them, then you don’t get to complain when they don’t fit you. On the other hand, when you order some running shoes and you get a pair made of cardboard, then you’re definitely allowed to complain, although I doubt it will get you your money back.

funny 3That is just one mishap that happened to an unsuspecting online shopper. There are many hysterical examples, each one funnier than the last. Maybe you think getting scammed is no laughing matter, but you’re guaranteed to change your mind when you take a look at this video. I mean, there was a guy who ordered hiking boots and received a pair of high-heels! That wasn’t even close! Who on earth can hike in heels?!

Here’s the video. Enjoy!

Source: Thetalko