Shy 13-Year-Old Girl Blows Everyone Away With Her Performance On America’s Got Talent

Talent shows are known for occasionally introducing us to some pretty surprising performances. This Tuesday on “America’s Got Talent”, Courtney Hadwin, a shy, 13-year-old girl managed to blow everyone away with her outstanding performance. Upon entering the stage the young girl was hesitant and quiet. She kept looking down, as if shy to look the judges in the eye. “I’m a bit nervous,” she said and Mel B, one of the judges, wanting to make her feel more comfortable asked her what her favorite subject in school was.

“I know this is a big stage and there’s lots of people, but you’re here for a reason. So go for it, and good luck,” Mel B told her.

And oh boy, did she go for it…

The timid, hesitant teen was completely transformed once she started singing a rendition of Otis Redding’s 1968 classic ‘Hard To Handle.’ The judges and everyone on the audience were left gaping and round-eyed and she immediately received a standing ovation.

You can watch her performance here:

Source: America’s Got Talent


“You were this shy little thing when you came out, and then you sing and you’re like a lion,” Simon Cowell exclaimed.

“You are not from this era, you are from a whole different era,” Howie Mandel continued, who seemed in awe. He then compared her to Janis Joplin, saying that since he can’t sign her to a deal there is only one thing he can do for her. And he proceeded to press the Golden Buzzer.

People on social media also seemed to love her performance.

“Janis joplin reincarnated!” was one comment.

“omg how does such a powerful voice come out of such a tiny body” commented another.

Courtney shared a Tweet this Wednesday to show her gratitude.

The teen is not a complete novice, however. She was also a finalist on “The Voice Kids U.K.,” Billboard reports.


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Source: Huffingtonpost