8 Revealing Signs That Show Your Man Is Falling For You

Is there anything more beautiful than falling in love? Those early stages of a relationship when everything is new and exciting, and you can’t stop thinking about him or talking about him. When you get butterflies in your stomach whenever you see him, and you live in constant anticipation of the moment when you’ll be together again. And when you realize your feelings have started growing more and more until you think you will just burst. They are simply unforgettable. But while you’re experiencing all of these amazing things, how can you know that he is feeling the same way? Easy. Some signs are a dead giveaway. Here is what you should be looking for, courtesy of Aunty Acid.

1. Not only does he listen to you, but he actually hears what you say

It’s true that sometimes men don’t really pay much attention to what women are saying, but if your partner listens carefully to what you have to say, whether it’s how your day went, or something completely uninteresting that you wanted to share with him, and then later at some point repeats a detail of what you’d told him, it means that he really cares about you and your relationship.


2. He offers to fix things for you

Men love fixing thing. It makes them feel manly and it taps into their need to protect and take care of their loved ones. It’s a little old-fashioned, but it’s adorable! If he wants to fix things for you, then he is definitely invested in the relationship.


3. He wants to meet your family

Nothing says getting serious than meeting your partner’s parents. It’s an important step in every relationship. When your man is completely fine with taking it, or even if he casually asks about how your family is doing, it’s because he sees a future in your relationship.


4. He values your opinion of his clothes

Most women love to tell their other halves what to wear. And if the guy lets you do it, it’s because he thinks highly of your opinion and values the advice you give him.


5. He wants to do everyday things with you

Not everything is romantic dates and bedroom activities. The real romance is in the everyday things, like going for a grocery run together. Sharing a simple experience like this can lead to both partners getting closer together and learning things about each other that they wouldn’t be able to in a bar or a club.


6. He cooks for you

Cooking isn’t special, we do it every day, right? Wrong. Cooking for someone you care about is a pretty intimate experience in the initial stages of a relationship. So, if your man wants to cook for you, then that is definitely a very good sign.


7. He plans trips

When he can’t wait for the two of you to finally go on that long planned vacation, or when he surprises you with an unexpected trip, obviously he’s really into you and he’s excited about spending even more time with you.


8. Being emotional doesn’t scare him

Men often don’t like talking about their feelings. But if he doesn’t mind being emotional with you, or even he’s only trying to tell you about what’s going on inside his heart, it’s because he trusts you, and sees a bright future for your relationship.


Source: auntyacid

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