Silver Oak Cellars Created A Shimmering Christmas Tree Out Of 576 Wine Bottles

What’s Christmas without Cabernet… uhm, I mean without a Christmas tree? Just meh.

The holidays are a great time to pour the creativity out of your festive spirit and adorn every surrounding of the space you invade. Sometimes, you are so full of decoration ideas, that you want to go out and decorate every single house until you finish the whole neighborhood.

So, if you are more into dining than wine-ing, you can still use wine bottles for a ‘good Christmas cause’. No, you won’t be filling them with milk to fool Santa Claus. Instead, you can use them to create a unique Christmas tree to make the ho-ho-ho season even brighter and merrier.

We have seen Christmas trees made out of books, pallets, paper, Oreos, or Disney-themed trees, but at Silver Oak Cellars, they are using empty wine bottles to construct a magical Christmas tree.

I mean, look at this enormous, shimmering tree!  🎄 (not the emoji; the picture below!)

Silver Oak Cellars Christmas tree


The wine bottle tree is a tradition of Silver Oak since 2008 and varies from one year to the other. The Silver Oak director of marketing, retail, and hospitality, said:

The Silver Oak Bottle Tree was created as a fun way to engage our fans during their visit to Silver Oak over the holiday season. 

Over the years, it has taken on a life of its own, becoming one of the most photographed trees in the Napa Valley.

Silver Oak Cellars Christmas tree


The tree is around 16 feet tall and consists of 576 green and clear glass bottles, topped with a magnum as the Christmas star. A simple design with a sprinkling touch of white string lights, resulting in a super festive tree.

Wanna go grab some glass bottles? Anybody?


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Source: Delish