12+ Simple But Hard-Hitting Comics By A Venezuelan Artist That You Will Relate To

Art has always been a way for people to express their thoughts and feelings in a completely individual way. But the best of artists can manage to make their own personal experience resonate with hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people. That’s why we listen to songs about another’s heartbreak, why we read sad books, or look at paintings and feel with the other person, even if we haven’t gone through that.

Venezuelan artist Maria Guadarrama is an artist who shares her artwork online, and it really is something special. Taking inspiration from her own life, she draws comics which people all around the world can relate to. Her series is called The Unspoken Truth and it includes everything from hard-hitting truths to lighthearted humor.

Speaking to Bored Panda, the artist said, “I think the kind of people who enjoy my comics are the ones who like to take a look inside of them and the origin of their feelings. Introspective and sensitive people, people who are in love.”

So, scroll down to see some of her work and check out more of her story here.


1. All it takes to repair a broken heart is a little patience.


2. The struggle is real sometimes…


3. This is a truly powerful representation of relationship dynamics!


4. It’s a harsh pill to swallow, but it’s the truth.


5. Don’t cling on to bygones.


6. Some people may be amazing – but not for you!


7. And don’t you ever doubt it!


8. Relationships take work – from both parties.


9. The right person helps you become the best version of yourself you possibly can!


10. The solution is often much simpler than you believe.


11. As someone once told me, soulmates sometimes have the same hiding places.


12. An introvert’s dream!


13. Change what you can, accept what you cannot!


14. The untold and bitter truths…


15. Accept it, and move on!


16. Having a sister is truly a blessing!


17. It really can hit you out of nowhere…


18. The brain works so hard to protect your heart, and sometimes the heart doesn’t care…

You can find more information about Maria here: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter

Let us know which one of her comics you liked best.


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