15 Simple Hacks That Will Make Cleaning A Breeze

Very few people in the world actually and truly enjoy cleaning. Most of us consider it the bane of our existence, our arch nemesis, our most dreaded foe. But, no matter how much we hate it, some battles cannot be avoided. However, all is allowed in war and just because we have to do it, it doesn’t mean that we cannot take certain… liberties. Certain tactics and strategies that will help us outmaneuver our enemy and claim victory!

Yes, yes. I’m talking about life hacks. Well, cleaning hacks more specifically. Hey, if you make your chore sound fun, it won’t be a chore anymore! Anyway, thanks Diply, for these wonderful shortcuts that will make cleaning much easier. And faster; there are much better things to do in life after all.

1. Crystal clear

You can clean your oven glass with a Magic Eraser. It will require some vigorous rubbing, but the result is definitely worth it.


Source: Polished Habitat

2. Citrus fresh

A combination of grapefruit and coarse salt will work wonders on your bathtub. All the scummy buildup will be removed in a flash, and your bathroom will be left smelling exquisitely fresh.


Source: Organization Junkie

3. The dream team

Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide: these two can do anything together! For example, they can restore your old baking pans and make them look as good as new. Just remember, patience is a virtue: the longer you let them do their job, the more efficient they will be.


Source: One Good Thing

4. Knock on wood

Your wood cutting board has started to smell unpleasant? Lemon wedges and baking soda to the rescue! They will clean the wood, disinfect it, and get rid of the odor. Another winning combination that is bound to do the trick is white vinegar and salt.


Source: The Pioneer Woman

5. What’s cookin’, doc?

Restore your stove top to its former glory with some Dawn, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda.


Source: Happy Mama Tales

6. What’s that smell?

Oh, it’s the vacuum cleaner! It smells… funky. Remove its bad breath by sucking up some Downy Unstopables or ground cinnamon.


Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

7. Let it shine

Use a toothbrush and some white vinegar to scrub those filthy window tracks. It’s a pretty boring and time-consuming task, to be honest, but when you see your window sill shine, you won’t regret a single second of it.


Source: Mom 4 Real

8. Clearing your head

If your shower head is covered with those gross water stains, use some white vinegar to clean it. It’s super fast and easy!


Source: The Melrose Family

9. Cat got your tongs?

Tongs make for an excellent blinds cleaner. You don’t need any expensive products for this hack, which, of course, makes it totally awesome.


Source: One Crazy House

10. That’s exhausting!

You tend to forget to clear your exhaust fans, don’t you? Not to worry, most people do. But, there is actually a very simple way to do it. All you need is some canned air!


Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

11. Does he brush up?

Pine-Sol is what your toilet brush had been waiting for! It will remove any foul odors from it, and it will boost its cleaning power for when you’re cleaning the toilet bowl.


Source: Smart School House

12. Right as rain

Keep your glass shower clean with rain repellent. Initially intended to be used on the outside of your windshield, Rain-X can be used for this purpose as well. It makes the water bead off and slide down the glass more easily, leaving significantly less residue behind.


Source: Uncommon Designs

13. You’ll be a big fan of this one!

You may think a pillowcase is a pretty strange cleaning tool, and yet, it’s actually genius. You can clean the dust from your ceiling fan blades with it, at the same time making sure the dust doesn’t go all over the place. Then, just stick the pillowcase in the washer, and job done.


Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

14. A clean sweep

A broom and Dawn are a great combo when it comes to cleaning your bathtub. The broom’s bristles and the grease-removing ability of the soap are the perfect way to eliminate all the scum, mildew, and other residues from your tub.


Source: One Good Thing

15. Use your noodle!

A pool noodle can be used as a funnel when you need to fill a large bucket of water. Simple and effective!


Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

If all these cleaning hacks are not enough for you, then here‘s some more!

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