Next Year’s Halloween Episode On ‘The Simpsons’ Will Be The 666th One

It’s impossible to think of Halloween and not think of The Simpsons and their Treehouse of Horrors episodes. These two go together like chicken and curry?! Well, you get the point. Interestingly, next year’s Treehouse of Horrors episode will be the 666th and it will be spookiest one yet, just “As we planned it in 1989!”  says the executive producer Al Jean for EW.

The Simpsons 666th halloween episode
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Treehouse of Horrors are the best episodes with their parodies and references on horror movie motifs. They’re the spookiest, yet the funniest episodes.

With titles like “Wanted: Dead, Then Alive”, The Exor-Sis”, ” The Thing and I”, you would think you’re watching a horror movie and not The Simpsons. But combine these two and you got yourself a plan for Halloween (if your party plan fails).


If you think episode 666 being on Halloween is a coincidence, you are so terribly wrong, my friends.

It was waaaay back in 1989 that the producers made sure 2019’s Treehouse of Horror would be extra spooky with its 666th episode. Imagine being this extra!

Al Jean, the show’s executive producer said for Entertainment Weekly:

Next year, Treehouse of Horror XXX will coincidentally be Simpsons episode 666, As we planned it in 1989!


It’s been 31 years since we were first introduced to the Simpson family, and ever since they have become part of every American family. One would say after 30 years the show gets boring, but nope, the Simpsons are still relevant to this day with their often times weird (and true) predictions for the future.

Jean added jokingly:

I’d like to do more seasons, just to ensure that that doesn’t cause the end of the world.

As for this year of Treehouse of Horror episode, you ask?!

Well, according to what Jean said for Entertainment Weekly, one part of the episode titled “Geriatric Park”,  was inspired by Jurassic Park. It will also show Mr. Burns trying to rewind the aging process using DNA (good look with that).

The second part, titled “Pod-Y-Snatchers”, shows people obsessed with their phones while they’re being destroyed by aliens. Sounds familiar, right?! Yup, very much Black Mirror-like.

The third part, titled “Multiplisaty”,  – is inspired by The Three Faces of Eve and will feature Lisa being ‘front and center’.

Jean said for EW:

Yeardley Smith [the voice of Lisa] has a real showcase of her talents, doing different voices and singing, where all her personalities want to murder Bart except one that likes him.


And while we wait for this Halloween’s new episode, we say let’s binge watch our favorite Treehouse of Horrors episodes together.

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