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Single Ladies, Check Your Perfect Man For Your Pool Party

Single Ladies, Check Your Perfect Man For Your Pool Party

While last summer was all about the flamingo inflatable float, “Inflatable Hunk” pool float will heat up your summer.

Warm weather is just around the corner, that means we are always up for mimosas, ice cream, sun scream, beaming sunshine, warm temperatures, blooming buds, and, most importantly Instagram photos with our crew sitting on pool floats and enjoying this magical time of the year.
We have barbecues, beach parties, festivals and fun . But nothing says “summer” like drifting around the water in a colorful raft with friends.

This inflatable float will carry you around the pool all summer long and even hold your cocktail while he’s at it. Now tell me how many real life guys would do that for you?


Have you ever wanted your own Pool Assistant? Well now you can have it.

He doesn’t talk or responds to command but can surely hold your drink, and YOU, as you relax and float around the pool, everything here is handled with a smile, and a lot of muscles. What a charming shirtless fella.

The Inflatable Hunk Pool Ring Float from Amazon is definitely the sexiest pool float we’ve ever seen.
Amazon encourages to , ” keep your cool as you relax in his muscly arms, the sturdy rubber ring inflates in seconds and includes a drink holder, Lie Back and admire the view. ” He’s the perfect fling: fun, comfortable and you can deflate him when you’re done.

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Sound like a summer dream come true.

Of course if you’re looking for the perfect man for the bachelorette party, this fun floating hunk is the ultimate buddy. The inflatable hunk got some good reviews from customers. One customer, who nicknamed her float “Chad” said: it was “a huge hit at a bachelorette party.” Apparently, Chad “spent the whole weekend holding various babes afloat, and his muscles were a warm embrace that everyone enjoyed.”

Now go get your man !!

Source: Delish

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