Single Mum And Her Son, 3, Threatened With Homelessness; She Can’t Get Help With Her Mortgage

A single mom of a three-year-old son from Aberdeenshire, Scotland was in risk to be left homeless after being impossible for her to keep up with her debts. Tina Davidson, 38 has lived in the same house for almost 20 years now and she’s afraid that her house will be repossessed. This mom and her son recently switched to a new benefits system – Universal Credit and they are struggling to keep their house.


Tina is getting around £317 a month in Universal Credit and around £270 a month in child benefit, her mortgage is £200 a month and she’s drowning in debt.

This is what she said for The Sun:

Nobody cares – you only get help if you’re in rented accommodation. All the pennies I get in go straight out. I’m not asking for anything for free but I need a bit of help or I’m going to lose my home.


Her mortgage debt made her put her house up for sale, while she had her car repossessed too. Below is a photo of Tina and her older son Stuart.


Tina asked for help in April but she struggled to get it many times. Here is a picture of Tina her son Jake and her grandson Blake.

 Single Mum Threatened With Homelessness

She continued:

I used to work worldwide earning good money, but then I got pregnant and had my son. I feel like I can’t fight anymore, I’m really struggling. And I’m losing everything. I was and I am trying to be a strong woman again.

 Single Mum Threatened With Homelessness

Since Tina had mental health and other problems during her pregnancy she had to cut off her job. And she didn’t get the same maternity benefits for her country because she was working abroad beforehand. However coming back in Scotland she says feels like:

I feel like I’m being tossed aside, I feel useless and worthless.


Reportedly Tina is not the only person struggling with the new Universal Credit system, many people complain about the same system as well. By the end, Tina says: “What can I do to help change the system that is failing those in genuine need? My life is crumbling.” Whereas below you can see what a spoke person for Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) had to say:

 Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI) provides robust protection for homeowners against repossession and is available for Universal Credit claimants in addition to their claim. With Universal Credit, up to 100 percent, benefit advances are available. Our Jobcentres can also offer help with budgeting and signpost people to debt support. Since 2011, the Government has also provided around £1billion in Discretionary Housing Payment funding for local authorities to support vulnerable claimants.


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Source: Thesun