10 Sketches Capture This Artist’s Parenthood Experience

Allen Shaw is an Indian artist, illustrator and storyteller who has spent more than two decades honing his craft. Born in Jamalpur, in the state of Bihar in northeastern India, Shaw has graduated from the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad. The artist then travelled the world drawing sketches of people and places, his preferred medium being watercolors. Currently based in Berlin, Shaw recently became a dad. Parenthood brought a great change to his life and provided a new source of inspiration. Now he captures the joys and hardships of being a new dad in a new series of funny illustrations. Here is how he described his sketches in his post on Bored Panda:

“I recently became a dad and there’s a big change in my everyday routine where I am learning a lot of new skills, I have started calling these newly acquired skills “asanas” and I call the routine “Yoga for new Dads” and have been illustrating them. It’s been a fun way to look at parenting which I’m sure many of you will agree, is not easy but an amazing experience nevertheless. I have enjoyed turning my small experiences into these illustrations and I hope you enjoy them too.”

1. The roller coaster of emotions that is dressing your baby


2. Baby is part of any activity, even the most mundane ones like getting a cup of coffee


3. Time for bed means time for a duet


4. Talking to mummy on Skype


5. Every peaceful moment with a newborn must be used to catch up on your sleep


6. Nappy changing is probably his least favourite asana…


7. The usual five-second rule turns to three seconds when it comes to babies


8. The whole world needs to appreciate the cuteness!


9. It’s best to keep the source of your inspiration close at all times


10. The acrobatics required for reaching stuff high up become a lot more difficult with a baby in your arms


Source: boredpanda

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